How to Change Local IP Address of Synology Wireless Router

I have a Synology wireless router. When I try to connect from home to VPN to my work servers, I have a problem accessing databases on a couple of them because they have their IP addresses in the 192.168.x.x range. Can I change the local IP address of my wireless router? What else would I need to do to ensure that my home PC and work laptop continue to connect to the Internet? Responses greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Synology Router Change IP Address -

You Can configure the following Wireless LAN settings at Control Panel > Network > Network Interface.

DHCP is a network protocol for automatic IP configuration. To let DHCP assign an IP for the system, click Edit and choose to Get network configuration automatically (DHCP) under the IPv4 tab.

If you are using a specific IP address from your network service provider, choose Use manual configuration and manually enter the IP address and subnet mask. If a DNS server or a default gateway is not available, leave the field blank.


1 Make sure the email notifications are delivered correctly through the SMTP server, a valid DNS server IP should be entered.

2. Jumbo Frames are Ethernet frames with more than the standard 1500 bytes of Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), allowing Ethernet transmission of large files to be more efficient. It can only be enabled under Gigabit network environment.

To ensure Jumbo Frameworks properly, all the computers and devices across the network accessing your Synology NAS must support it and use the same MTU value.

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  •   July 19, 2022