Why My Synology Router is Not Working with NETGEAR DM200 Modem

I recently bought a Synology wireless router like a week ago. I already had a Netgear DM200 modem from my previous service provider and it was working well so decided to keep it. Last night when I sat down to configure my router along with the Netgear modem, nothing happened. I mean my Synology router would not pick any signals when it is driven by the modem. Is it weird or some kind of technical glitch? Please help me out here and tell how can I fix it?

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For connecting Synology router to Netgear dm 200 modem, follow these steps -

  1. Take a network cable and connect your Synology router to your Netgear modem (into WAN port).
  2. After this, you have to connect one end of the power adapter to the Synology router’s power port and another end into the power outlet. To power on Synology router, just press the Power on button. Then wait for a couple of moments until your Status and WAN LED will turn into solid green.
  3. For connecting wireless devices to your Synology router, press WiFi switch on your router until 2.4g/5g LED turn static green. After this, just scan and join to your Synology router ‘s WiFi network. The password will be “Synology” and default SSID will be “SynologyRouter”.

Setup Synology Router Manager -

  1. Launch web browser of your choice and type “” in its address bar. Then hit Enter. Now you are redirected to SRM setup wizard. Once SRM setup wizard loads, just click on Start button.
  2. Set up the administrator account by entering all the required information. Click Next.
  3. Now, set up WiFi network by entering the required information. Click next button.
  4. After this, you have to set up operation mode. Select Wireless router mode and then enable “External access to SRM”.
  5. Next, you have to choose Internet Connection type.
    • PPPoE – If your ISP has provided you PPPoE credentials.
    • Manual IP – If you have obtained an available IP address.
    • Auto IP – If you depend on the modem for automatic IP assignment.
  6. Now wizard will setup your Synology router, so you have to wait for a few moments. Once the setup gets complete, just tap on “Launch Synology router”.

You can now enjoy SRM and its features.

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