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Why My Synology Router is Not Working With NETGEAR DM-200 Modem?

I purchased Synology RT2600ac router and a Netgear DM200 modem because one of my suggested me. After setting them, I was enjoying hassle-free web browsing but the main problem arise after updating as my Synology router is not connecting to Netgear modem. When I use only the modem, my desktop PC works fine but when I plug the Synology router in, there exists no internet. I have tried a hard reset of the Synology router but still, Synology router is not working with Netgear modem. Help me guys to troubleshoot this problem!!

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How to setup Synology router with Netgear dm-200 modem -

1. First of all, you have to install Synology router's antennas. For this, point the antenna at the antenna base and turn it clockwise until it is secured properly. Although it is recommended by experts to tilt the antenna at 90 degrees so that you can enjoy optimal WiFi performance.

2.To avoid physical interruptions, place Synology router on the flat surface. Also place your router away from potential electrical signal sources and within a visible distance from all the connected wireless devices.

3.Now, take a network cable and connect your Synology router to Netgear modem (in WAN1 port). Take another network cable for connecting other wired devices to your Synology router, just use the LAN-1 ports.

4.In next step, you have to connect one end of the power adapter to Synology router’s power port. After this, connect another end of the power adapter to the power outlet. Wait for a couple of minutes until the Status LED and WAN LED turn into solid green.

5.Now, you can connect wired and wireless devices to Synology router.

Wired devices – Take a network cable and connect for connecting all devices in a wired connection. When the connection gets established, LAN LED will turn into solid green.

Wireless devices – When Synology router’s 2.4G/5G LED indicators will turn into solid green, you should understand that device is ready to establish a connection. Now, just scan the WiFi network and connect to Synology router.

Set up Synology router Manager-

  1. For connecting to WiFi network, you can use SSID as “SynologyRouter” and Password as “Synology”.
  2. Open Mozilla Firefox on your PC and type “” in the address bar. After this hit Enter key and then you are redirected to Synology router web page.
  3. To launch the SRM(Synology Router Manager) setup wizard, tap on “Start” button.
  4. Now, you have to set up an administrator account where you have to fill the required details. After entering details hit Next button.

To setup operation mode, just note these things i.e., -

a.Operation modes – Wireless router

b.External access to SRM – Disabled

c. Internet Connection – Auto IP

After this, apply the changes by clicking on Apply button.

At this point of time, you have to wait for a couple of minutes so that Synology router setup process can complete. 

Once the setup is complete, tap on “Launch Synology router” and enjoy its features.

During this setup process, if any problem arises then receive the instant professional support by calling on Synology Router TEAM. 

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