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Synology Router Not Working?

Hi, I got myself a new Synology RT2600ac router and a Netgear DM200 modem, as the old combo needed updating. So I have set both the modem and the router up apparently but no internet. And now I cannot access the router page to configure. If I use only the modem my desktop PC works fine with the internet. I plug the router in and boom it all stops. All the lights are on, but nothing. I have tried a hard reset of the router but still nothing.

Fix Synology Quickconnect Not Working:

By using Synology QuickConnect and DDNS, you can easily connect Synology router to the internet.

Synology QuickConnect Method 1:-

QuickConnect allows you to connect to your Synology Router or some Synology packages (such as Download Station, File Station, and mobile applications) using a customizable ID.

To enable Synology QuickConnect, go to Network Center > Internet > QuickConnect. Check Enable QuickConnect. If you do not have a Synology Account, click Register now. Enter the required information and click OK.

If you already have a Synology Account, enter your account information. Create your own Synology QuickConnect ID in the QuickConnect ID field. Your QuickConnect link information will appear. You can use these links to access your Synology Router.

You can also choose to enable or disable Synology QuickConnect for specific packages. Go to Advanced Settings, and tick the boxes next to the packages you want to enable QuickConnect for. Click Apply to save your settings.

Synology QuickConnect Method 2:-

You can point an existing hostname at the IP address of your Synology Router, or register for a new one provided by Synology or several other DDNS providers.

Click the Add button and a dialog box will appear, prompting you to edit the following settings:

Service Provider: Select a service provider. To register for a free hostname provided by Synology, choose Synology from the drop-down menu, click Register Now, and enter details as directed.

Hostname: Enter a registered DDNS hostname, such as abc.synology.me.

Username/Email: Enter the account for your DDNS provider.(e.g. username, e-mail address)

Password: Enter the password for your DDNS provider.

External address: Enter the external IP address of the Synology Router or use the system default.

Heartbeat: Enable this option to receive alerts regarding the status of the mapped hostname.

After this, click Test Connection to see if settings are correct and finally click OK to save and finish. After setup is complete, you can access your Synology Router over the Internet by entering the DDNS hostname in a web browser.


Synology router not connecting to internet

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Synology Router Not Working

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