Why Does my Synology Router Only have 11 MBPS

Hey guys! I am facing a strange problem with my Synology router i.e., my router's internet speed is only 11mbps. I have also contacted my Internet Service Provider but didn't get satisfied. Is there anybody who knows why this is happening with my router and how to change internet speed?

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Hey, going as per your query it seems your router speed is not up to the mark, although you have not mentioned what maximum speed or plan you subscribed to. So I will mention a few troubleshooting techniques to make sure your router perform at its optimum speed. Follow the instructions carefully:

1. Change your bandwidth channel: Most of the routers for home purposes are set at a default bandwidth channel of 2.1 GHz which is also the same for most of your home appliances like a TV remote, cordless phone, microwave etc. So these devices cause interference with your router network making it slower. Your router has another bandwidth channel operating 5.0 GHz which is a less cluttered network. Change your bandwidth channel to 5.0 GHz and see if it makes any difference.

2. Change security settings: Make sure that your security settings are fortified to avoid any intruders from getting access to your network. Change your encryption type to WPA2 along with a strong password. You can also make use of MAC address filtering to grant access to the only selective number of devices. These settings for sure will enhance your router performance.

3. Update Firmware and Drivers: Driver and firmware are software programs which control the functionality of your router. These software programs are regularly updated by the brands to optimize the performance and resolve minor and major issues faced by users. So make sure to update it regularly from your vendor's website.

4. Add Performance enhancing antennas: Antennas of your router also play a major role in distributing the signal, so a better external antenna will give you better output.

Hopefully, these mentioned steps will help you enhance your router speed and performance. If you have any other query regarding your router, feel free to respond and I will be glad to help you out.

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