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How To Access My Asus Router Remotely?

Please let me know that how to access my Asus router remotely. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Access My Asus Router Remotely

Do you want to learn how to connect and Remotely Access My Asus Router? Don't you remember your ASUS router's default login credentials? You've come to the correct location. We'll show you how to Access Asus Router Remotely in this guide.

There are two ways to access your Asus router from another device remotely.

  • Making use of the Asus Router app
  • Using the Asus router's WAN Web Access

To Use Web Access from WAN to Access Your Asus Router, Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Please turn on your Asus router and ADSL modem, then follow the instructions for how to access Asus router remotely.

Step 2: Using the included Ethernet cable, connect the ADSL modem to the Asus router's WAN port.

Step 3: Using a regular Ethernet wire, connect your Asus router to your computer.

Step 4: Open the default browser and check the Internet connection.

Step 5: To access the Asus router's login portal, type the router's IP address in the URL area.

Step 6: In the login portal, enter the relevant username and password and then click the Sign In button.

Step 7: Select System from the Administration tab in the Asus router's management interface.

Step 8: For the Enable Web Access from the WAN service, select the Yes radio option.

Step 9: In the “HTTPS Port of Web Access from WAN” field, type 8443 (default port).

Step 10: After completing the steps to access my Asus router remotely, click the Implement button to save and apply the changes.

Step 11: Using the configured settings, you can access the web interface of the Asus router from another device.

To Use the Asus Router App to Access Your Asus Router, Follow These Steps Remotely:

Step 1: Go to the Asus web interface and choose the DDNS tab before using the app to access your Asus router remotely.

Step 2: Configure the server settings and hostname after enabling the DDNS client.

Step 3: Click the Apply button after you've enabled the DDNS option.

Step 4: Download and install the Asus Router app on your smartphone. It's accessible for Android and iOS users to download.

Step 5: To connect to the Asus router, open the Asus Router app and finish the basic setup.

Step 6: You can manage the Asus router remotely after configuring the basic settings.

Step 7: Ensure that public access to the web interface on your Asus router's administrative interface is disabled.

The Asus Router app may be used to remotely examine connected devices, block internet access, and limit the bandwidth usage of the Asus router utilizing the how to access Asus router remotely instructions.

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In the modern networking paradigm, you don’t have to be near to specific devices to access their functionality. Rather, the concept of facilitating remote access for your router, etc can certainly make accessing settings or controlling such devices a reality.

This quick guide is drafted to put forward a couple of ways by which ASUS router remote access can be effectuated quite easily. 

Facilitating ASUS Router Remote Access: The Prerequisites First

When you really want to connect to an ASUS router remotely the first thing you must facilitate is the ASUS Setup which actually is a four-step procedure mentioned hereunder.

Step 1 - Setting Up the ASUS Wireless Router by Enabling the Wired Connection

• With your router’s AC Adapter’s one end into the DC-IN slot insert its other end into to electrical wall socket.

• Now use bundled cables to connect your computer to the router’s LAN outlet by inserting these cables into selected slots.

Step 2 - Accessing AUS GUI

• Now open the web browser and enter the URL “[https://router.asus.com/] followed by hitting the “Enter” button.

• Enter the relevant login credentials and continue signing in.

Step 3 - Accessing Remote Settings  

• After the logging mechanism sets in just go to “Administration>System”.

• Now find the “Remote Access Config” option at the bottom of the page.

Step 4 - Saving the Modified Settings Eventually   

• First, choose to select the “Yes” option to enable Web Access from WAN. As soon as this gets accomplished all HTTP connections will start accessing the GUI in a remote state.

• Now in the HTTPS Port of Web Access from WAN punch in 8443 to mention the port brought in use to configure the ASUS wireless router.

• Finally, apply and save these settings to be able to take forward the process to enable ASUS remote router login. 

Method 1 - Web-based GUI can also Facilitate the ASUS Router Remote Access

To connect to the ASUS router remotely we consider the default port as 8443. Consequently, you can utilize either https://[WAN IP]:8443 or https://[DDNS name]:8443 in a bid to launch the web interface.

Step 1 - Facilitating a Status Check and Fetching the Link

• To get the ASUS remote router login implemented, go to the “Network Map” and make sure that the internet status is showing “Connected”.

• Then enable DDNS and copy the URL which is “https//wltest2020.asuscomm.com:8443” in my scenario.

• Finally click the “Apply” button. 

Step 2 - Log in to the Web GUI and Access the ASUS Router

• Continue by punching in the DDNS link on the web and cause it to launch.

• Now add the login credentials like username and password followed by clicking on the Sign In option. 

• As soon as the login process is accomplished, you will have ASUS remote router login in place.

Method 2 - Effectuating the Remote Functionality on the ASUS App

Using the ASUS router app you can connect to the ASUS router remotely. By following this process you can update firmware, ascertain the internet status, review the connection, and more. So, just follow the four-step process for implementing the ASUS remote router login.  

Step 1 - Facilitating the ASUS Router App in a Ready-to-Use State

First, pair your Mobile to the same router followed by installing the app on your Smartphone. In case the app is already installed cause to open the same.

Step 2 - Signing into the Application 

Here you have to sign in to the app by entering the username and password and then continue executing the next step.

Step 3 - Accessing the Specific Router

• Begin by launching the app and then tap on the “Manage” option.

• The names of all the routers available will be shown wherein you have to select one that you wish to access in the remote state.

• After you are redirected to the default login gateway, just log in to the same.

• Finally, enable the “Remote Connection” option and then tap the “OK” button to confirm your action. 

Step 4 -  Managing Router's Settings

• When you are on the ASUS router’s admin interface, simply disable the public access.

• You can continue executing the supervisory functions in accordance with your requirements.

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  • Access My Asus Router Remotely

How To Access My Asus Router Remotely

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