How to Block a Device From Wifi Complete Steps

It can be pretty annoying when your internet speed gets affected by the number of unnecessary devices having access to your Wi-Fi network, and that too without your permission.

If you are facing the same problem, then there is a way that will help you control or even remove all the unwanted devices and prevent them from having access to your Wi-Fi network.

With the solution, you can check and block the devices that you want to eliminate from your wifi network. This will help you enhance the speed of your internet connection. You can also enjoy using your high-speed internet without any hindrance or obstruction. 

How to Block a Device From WiFi? ( From Using WiFi Network)? 

If you want other devices to access your Wi-Fi network, then here is a way to stop that from happening in a few simple steps-

Change the Wi-Fi Password

This is an impactful way to secure the network and stop unwanted devices from using the network for internet service. It is highly advised to keep on changing your password after a certain period of time, as the old password can be hacked by people. Changing or editing passwords on a regular basis can be very helpful for users.

Use Wireless MAC Filtering

With the help of media access control, you can uniquely identify every device on your network. You can also block or allow specific devices from using your network based on their Mac addresses. For that, you have to do the following things-

  • First, go to the current web browser that you are using and type either or in the search bar.
  • Now to log in, you have to enter the default login credentials like password and username.
  • Go to the "bandwidth control" option and navigate the section.
  • You can check the entire list of connected devices and also disable the Internet service for the unknown devices. You can also Blacklist specific devices to prevent them from establishing a connection with your Wi-Fi network.

Try Installing the Third-Party Software

In order to identify all the connected devices, you should consider installing third-party software on your computer, like a wireless network watcher. With software like this, you can get all the information about the connected devices having access to your wifi network and internet service.