How to Connect a Router to Another Router Wirelessly

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect a router to another router wirelessly. Now i am trying to connect but it's not connecting. Please help me in connecting router to another router.

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Connect One Router to Another Router Wirelessly:

Add a second router if you do not have extra ports, but you want to add more computer systems or other devices to expand your connection. For increasing the capacity, a second router can also be attached in areas like basements or rooms having concrete walls to amplify the wireless signal. Also,gather knowledge about adding a secondary router to your home or business network.

Stage 1 - Arrange the Equipment

  • Give a Name to the Routers with Which you will be working- To guide you, we will call the router that is connected to the Internet as "Router A" and the new router as "Router B."
  • Set up the Routers Using a Computer- To set up the routers, you'll require a computer that can hook up to them via an Ethernet cable or Wifi. The operating system of the network is not needed to be taken into consideration.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi for connecting to the routers, note down the SSID and passkey for each router. You'll need these codes for connecting to each router via Wi-Fi.
  • Have one network cable (also called “Ethernet Cables”) available for each device. If you wish to connect computers with other devices and to the network without Wifi, you’ll require an Ethernet cable for each device.
  • For example, you’ll need one Ethernet cable to connect Router A to Router B.
  • Ensure that you have enough power outlets required to plug in two routers and any other devices.
  • Switch off both the routers. You’ll prefer to start wiring the network with the devices which are unplugged.

Stage 2: Install Router 1

  1. Establish a Connection between an Ethernet cable from the WAN port of Router A to the Internet port of the high-speed modem.
  2. If Router A transforms into your high-speed modem, you can leave this step.
  3. Label the WAN port as “Internet.”
  4. Connect a Network cable from one of the ports of Router A's LAN to the computer's Ethernet port.
  5. If you’d wish to establish the connection from the computer to the router in a wireless manner, use your router’s manual to do so.
  6. Switch on the modem and router.
  7. Open a web browser for establishing a connection between the admin interface of Router A.
  8. Open the router’s admin interface in your web browser.
  9. The web address you'll be establishing the connection to the IP address of Router A which is present somewhere on Router A.

Some default IP addresses for popular router brands are mentioned below:






11. Use the router admin username and password combo to Log In. These credential also are printed on Router A.

12. Alternatively, you can search the internet for default password of the router.

13. Ensure that DHCP is enabled on Router A. This will allow Router A to designate all of the IP addresses in your network.

14. The DHCP settings are located in various places across several types of routers, but you'll generally find them under "Network settings," or "LAN settings."

15. After testing your network and internet connection, visit any website for verifying that you have established a link to the Internet. Ensure that the physical settings of your system spare place for one LAN port to be open on Router 1.

16. Take out the Network cable between Router 1 and the computer. Everything else can stay plugged in.

Stage 3 : Install Router 2

  • Turn on the Router 2 after plugging it in.
  • Establish a connection between the LAN port on Router 2 and the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Use a web browser for opening the router's admin interface.
  • After disabling the DHCP on Router 2, designate a new IP address to Router 2.
  • Set the passkey and Wifi name of Router 2 same as that of Router 1.

Stage 4: Make Your Network Online

  • Switch off the power supply to Router 2.
  • Establish a connection between a LAN port on Router 1 and first LAN port on Router 2 by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Switch on Router 2.
  • Restart the Computer system which is affixed to Router 2.
  • Establish a wireless connection between computer systems and devices using Network cables.

Connect Two Routers

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