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How to Enable WiFi Calling on Galaxy S9?

I have a New Galaxy S9 which I bought two days before and my question is how to enable wifi calling on my Galaxy S9?

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Samsung Galaxy S9 WiFi Calling:

If you are wondering how to fix Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9, then you have landed on the right page. Smartphones have come up a long way. Earlier they were used by the people for communicating with one another.

Then, the innovation of applications and social media came into the picture. Nowadays people can get in touch with one another by the means of wireless calling. This is one of the most amazing inbuilt features of today’s Smartphones.

As Galaxy S9 has become the centre of attraction in the contemporary Smartphone world. Each and every user wants to know how to enable Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9. Nevertheless, it is not enabled in the default settings.

Therefore, you have to follow certain steps to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9. So, this is the process that you need to bring into application.

How to Setup Wi-Fi Calling on Galaxy S9?

  • Firstly, go to the home screen of the Android Smartphone or you can open up the phone app.
  • Now, tap on the icon of three-dot menu on screen’s top right side. After that, go to the option of the settings.
  • After that, to fix Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9 move to the option of wireless calling and then enable it.
Alternate method to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9-

If you are not able to locate the wireless calling feature in your Smartphone menu. Then, you are required to go to the main settings of your Galaxy S9.

  • To fix Wi-Fi calling on GalaxyS9 move to the settings app from your S9’s home screen.
  • Go to connections. There you will find the option of advanced calling and from there locate wireless calling.

Additionally, to enable Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9 you can type Wi-Fi calling in the search bar, which is in the upper part of the of your device’s home screen. Also, you must keep in mind that the feature of Wi-Fi calling is dependent on network carrier.

Moreover, this feature may not work in certain geographical regions. Furthermore, the working of Wi-Fi calling is also dependent on data plan used.

So, these are the processes that you must follow in order to setup Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S9. Wireless calling is one of the best features of modern Smartphones.

Therefore, we must be well aware of the different ways through which we can enable it on our Android devices.


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