How To Fix Asus Router Not Working Problem

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Asus Router not working problem. I bought this new router but now it's not working. Help me.
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Here we will discuss how to fix Asus' router not working problem. Go through this article to know the steps to fix Asus router not working issue.

Steps to Fix Asus Router Not Working-

Check Cable Connection First-

When the cable is faulty, it may disrupt the connection between the router and modem. Because of that, you might get into the Asus router, not working problem.

Make sure that the cable is working, if not then you need to take another Ethernet cable and connect that cable between router and modem.

But somehow, still your Asus router is not working, the problem can be a little serious. So you have to follow the instructions given below.

The router is Overheating

Sometimes overheating is also a reason behind Asus router not working. In that case, you must turn off the power of the router for one minute and turn it back on.

Also, you should do it every day. This process will protect your Asus router from overheating.

Check For the IP Conflict

  • Always check the IP address of your Asus router and modem. If they belong to the same class? There, IP addresses might be conflicting with each other.
  • Then, you have to replace the IP address of your router by following the instructions given below.
  • Open the web browser and type and press ok.
  • Type a username and password and press login.
  • Choose LAN from the menu.
  • Exchange the IP address with and subnet mask with
  • Clicks apply and ok.

Check Internet Connection Settings-

When your Asus router not working. Then you need to check your internet connection settings.

Everybody knows that IPS’s are providing different kinds of connections, like- Dynamic, PPPoE, or static connection.

If you do not know about the internet settings, in that case, you need to call your ISP and confirm the settings.

  • Open the Asus router setup page.
  • Open WAN settings and select the connection type.
  • Type the internet information and press ok.

Update Asus Router Firmware-

Sometimes, you may have the Asus router not working due to the outdated firmware.

If you find there is an update needed? You have to go to Asus official website and download the recent version of your router firmware and install it into your computer.

To firmware update, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Asus router setup page again.
  • Click on administration and choose firmware update.
  • Now you will be able to see an update button. You need to click on it.

Clone the Mac Address

You may have the router not connecting to internet problems due to device reorganization problems.

Want your Asus router working again, you need to connect your router to the computer through Ethernet cable and then clone the mac address.

When you clone the mac address, your router will start working properly.

Factory Restore the Asus Router

After following all these instructions, if your Asus router not working, you need to reset your router and set up your Asus router again.

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