How to Fix VPN not Working with Asus Router

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix VPN not working with Asus router. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Fix Asus Router VPN not Working:

A lot of users have reported the problem of "VPN not working with the Asus router. This problem is applicable to various Asus routers. This problem can be extremely troublesome if you need immediate access to the internet.

If you are also encountering this Asus router blocking VPN problem, then you can easily get this issue resolved simply by applying the various solutions we have mentioned below. 

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1) Please Ensure That the Firmware of Your Asus Router is Updated

Below are the steps that you need to follow to update the firmware of your Asus router. 

Step 1: Launch your internet browser and then go to 

Step 2: Log in to the control panel of your Asus router. 

Step 3: Select Administration and then finally select System. 

Step 4: Choose the option "Check to find out if there are any updates available". 

Step 5: Select the option of "Firmware Upgrade". 

Step 6: Now, wait for the process to get completed. 

Step 7: Turn off your router for at least 30 seconds. 

Step 8: Now, check whether the VPN connection is working or not. 

2) Add an Exception in the Firewall of Your System

Below are the steps that you need to follow to add a firewall to your system. 

Step 1: Launch the Start menu and then type Firewall. After that, select the option of Firewall and network protection". 

Step 2: Select the option of "Allow an app through firewall". 

Step 3: Choose "Change Settings". 

Step 4: Search for the VPN app on this list.

Step 5: Enable Public as well as Private options for your VPN.

Step 6: In case your VPN is not here, then use another app to find it. 

3) Check If the Antivirus is Blocking the Traffic of VPN

In case any other malware protection software is installed on your system, then that means it is blocking your VPN app. In such a case, you are just required to add the VPN service to the whitelist of your antivirus solution and make sure it does not get blocked again. 

4) Use Another VPN Client

In case you are searching for a VPN solution that can secure your online privacy and safeguard your home network by using premium VPN services like Private Internet Access. You can easily install PIA on Asus routers, iOS devices, Android devices, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

In case your router supports an open VPN, then it is advisable to use PIA in manual configuration mode. This will install your VPN at the router level. It also has an exclusive DNS resolver. It comes with an in-built malware blocker and Kill Switch for internet browsers. 

5) Enable VPN Passthrough on Your Asus Router

Below are the steps that you need to follow to enable VPN passthrough on your Asus router. 

Step 1: Use your internet browser to access the Asus router panel at 

Step 2: Log in using your credentials. 

Step 3: Navigate to Advanced Settings, WAN, and then finally go to NAT Passthrough. 

Step 4: Based on the VPN protocol you use, turn on PPTP Passthrough, IPsec Passthrough, and L2TP passthrough. 

Step 5: In the end, select apply.

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