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How To Fix Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking Problem?

I am facing some issues while using Xfinity router. I have no idea how to fix Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking Problem. Help me.

Fix Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking Problem:

If you are seeing a white light blinking on your Xfinity Wi-Fi router, then that means there is a network connection problem. When a partial connection is formed, then the light will blink continuously.

This means that there is a problem with the internet connection. You must not confuse it with the blinking of light when a firmware update is taking place. The light that blinks at the time of weak internet connectivity. Now, we need to know how to fix the light blinking issue on the Xfinity router.

Why does Xfinity WiFi Light Blink?

a) Loose Wires: This problem can occur when the wires are loose and not properly connected.

b) Service Outage: There is a possibility that the issue is from the service provider's side. In such a case the light will blink often. Only the service provider can fix this problem.

c) Defects in the Modem Unit: The wireless connectivity issues can also occur if your device is out of order. The router or modem can lose its functionality and productivity. Therefore, it becomes a hindrance and does not let the connection get established properly.

d) Issues with the Splitter: The splitter devices the connection into more than one link i.e., TV, phone, and Wi-Fi. In case you find that the splitter is not working properly, then it can further lead to internet connectivity issues.

Ways to Fix the Xfinity Light Blinking Problem

Below mentioned are the different methods that you can apply to fix the Xfinity light blinking problem.

a) Re-initialize your modem device: You can fix this problem simply just by following the steps to power cycle the router.

  • Disconnect your router from the electrical outlet.
  • Press the power button and keep on holding it on your router device.
  • Reconnect the power wire of your router to the electrical outlet.

b) Use direct plugging: Rather than using a splitter, you must connect the main wire to the router directly.

c) Fix the problem when the Us/Ds light is blinking: If you find that the router light is flashing non-stop, then carry out the steps given below to fix this problem.

  • See if there is any service interruption.
  • Open the Xfinity application on your mobile device.
  • After that, log into your Comcast account.
  • Select the option which says, "search for the link of service interruptions".

In case your problem does not get fixed by applying the solutions above, then you will have to take assistance from the specialists. The representatives will help you out and provide you with the best possible solution to fix your problem.

On your router, there is an online light and power light. If your router is fully functional, then you will see a bright light glowing. In case the online light starts quivering then that means you are offline. When your router is functioning properly, then you will see solid online and power lights and other LED lights will blink. When the lights blink, it indicates that the user is using Wi-Fi.

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How To Fix Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking Problem

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