How to Install TP Link Wireless Adapter without CD Windows 10?

Hello, Please tell me how to install TP Link wireless Adapter without cd windows 10. I have tried to install but fail. So give me any better solution to install TP Link wireless adapter without CD windows 10 and 7.

Install TP Link Wireless Adapter Without CD Windows 10:

USB wireless adapters are used, so that one does not have to connect the router to the computer system through wires. The adapter takes signals from the router and then translates the signal, so that the user can have an access to the internet at any point of time they want within the range of the wireless network or hotspot. Nevertheless, people should be very careful at the time of using free and new networks as they may encounter security problems.

Windows have inbuilt drivers for some of the adapters, which is why they work automatically on Windows 10. In case there are no inbuilt drivers for the adapter or you wish to update it, then these are some of the instructions that you will have to follow to install TP-Link wireless adapter without cd windows 10.

Note: The article is applicable in the condition where you are not able to install the software through .EXE program and the adapter’s file to download is .inf.

Go to the Official Website of TP-Link for Downloading the Latest Driver and Extract the zip file to Open Whatever is There in Your Adapter.

Step 1: Connect the adapter to the computer system.

Step 2: Download the driver that is updated and extract it.

Step 3: Place the cursor on the computer icon and then right click on it. After that, to install TP-link wireless adapter without cd windows 10, click on manage.

Step 4: Press the Windows and X key together at the same time and then select computer management.

Step 5 : Go to Device Manager and then open it. Select the adapter and then go to update driver software and click on it.

Step 6: Go to the option of pick up from the list of drivers on the computer and then click on Next.

Step 7: Select show compatible software and highlight it. Now, select have disk.

Step 8: Open the .inf file by clicking on the option of browse. Open the file that you downloaded and extracted.

Go to the search option that is given on the taskbar and enter This PC in it, there you will locate the desktop application.

  • Go to the option of “Tinis PC” and then right click on it. Then, select properties.
  • In the next step, you will have to confirm the operating system.

Step 9: Click on OK and then go to next.

Step 10: Now, the adapter will get installed.

So, this is the process to install TP-link wireless adapter without cd windows 10.

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How to Install TP Link Wireless Adapter without CD Windows 10

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