How to Manually Upgrade Firmware for an ASUS Router or Range Extender

Please let me know that how to manually upgrade firmware for an ASUS router or range extender. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Not all advanced routers or Range Extenders assure quality connectivity and updated firmware. Still, ASUS Router or Range Extender is one company that provides good connectivity and network with time-to-time updates.

You can manually upgrade Firmware for an Asus Router or Range Extender by just following simple steps such as downloading the latest version, extracting all the items available, Downloading the ASUS Discovery Tool Application, Running the Discovery.exe file, Entering the IP Address in the browser, logging in your ASUS device, upgrading the Firmware version, choosing the unzipped file, cross-checking the file you uploaded, starting the firmware installation, completing the firmware update and then rebooting your device and now finally latest firmware version will be installed.

Through Your Computer, You Can Easily Upgrade the Range Extender with the Following Steps

Step 1: Download the latest version of the firmware from ASUS’s official site. 

Step 2: The file will be downloaded with an extension of .trx file

Step 3: Since it is a zipped file, extract all the items available in the file. 

Step 4: Click on the Drivers and Tools option on the support page. Download the ASUS Discovery Tool application.  

Step 5: Extract all the files from this zipped folder. 

Step 6: Next Run the Discovery.exe file and install the ASUS Wireless Router Device Discovery Utility tool on your system.

Step 7: On completion of the installation, click on the icon and view the IP Address of your device. 

Step 8: Enter the IP Address in the browser. The next window will follow your wifi’s username and password. 

Step 9: After logging in to your ASUS device, at the very top click the firmware version. 

Step 10: Click on choose file or upload file to upgrade the firmware version. 

Step 11: Choose the unzipped file you downloaded from ASUS official site. 

Step 12: Make sure you cross-check the file you uploaded and click the Upload at the bottom.

Step 13: Start with the Firmware installation. 

Step 14: After about 3-4 minutes of completion of the firmware update

Step 15: Press the on/off button on your device and reboot it manually. 

Step 16: In the final step login to your device and with this your latest firmware version will be installed. 

For ios users, you can download the ASUS Discovery App and launch it. After launching it you can enter your device’s IP address and work through the steps given above. 

For android users, you can scan the QR code or go to the Google Play store and download the ASUS Discovery App. To manually upgrade firmware for an ASUS router follow the steps above and the firmware will be updated in no time. 
In addition to the above steps to manually upgrade firmware for an ASUS router, it is recommended that you factory reset your router for better performance. In case the firmware update fails, try to restore the router and then follow the steps again. If it fails again you can use the Firmware Restoration Utility. This will help you upload the firmware in rescue mode.

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