How to Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router

Hello Everyone, Please let me know how to Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router? I tried many times but unable to Reset Asus Router. So can anyone any idea?
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Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router:

If you are here to know how to reset Asus RT-AC86u router, then you have made the right decision. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about how to Reset Asus router. But before we move forward with the reset process, let us first get to know about Asus router specifications.

As far as it is concerned about system specifications, it has 259 MiB flash, 512 MiB RAM, and 18 Ghz CPU. If you talk about connectivity, then the router has Gigabit wireless network. The speed goes upto 2900 mbps.

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to carry out in order to hard reset your router.

Hard Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router-

In case you find that your Asus router is not working properly and has become unresponsive or is dropping connections, then you need to reset your router in order to fix the issue.

Other cases where you may have to go for this option of reset are misconfiguration or when you forget the password of your router and you are not able to access it any longer.

Mentioned below are some of the ways using which you can reset your router.

How to Hard Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router Using Web Interface?

If you want to learn how you can hard reset your router using your web interface, then carry out the steps given below.

Step 1 : Launch your internet browser and go to the default gateway IP.

Step 2 : Try to sign in by entering the username and password, which you have chosen. You can also try entering a default username and password.

Step 3 : Go to the menu of Advanced Settings and then choose administration.

Step 4 : Select the link of “Restore/Save/Upload setting”.

Step 5 : Right after the option of Factory Default, you will see the option of restore.

Step 6 : After that, you need to click on Ok if required.

How to Hard Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router by Pressing the Reset Button of Your Router?

Carry out the steps given below, if you want to know how you can hard reset your router py bressing the reset button.

Find the reset button which is placed at the back of your router.
Use a sharp object like pencil or paperclip. Press the button of reset and keep on holding it for the next 5 seconds and wait for the power LES to start blinking.

Hard Reset Asus RT-AC86u Router Using 30-30-30 Reset?

Carry out the directions given below in order to perform a 30-30-30 reset on your router.

Turn on your router and then press the button and then keep on holding it for the next 30 seconds. Use the paper clip or pencil to press the button.
At the time of pressing the reset button. Disconnect the main button of your router and then hold the button for the next 30 seconds.

Hold down the reset button of reset. After that, power on the router once again and keep on holding it for the next 30 seconds.This type of reset is generally done to bring the router back to its factory default settings.

So, the above-mentioned were different ways to reset Asus RT-AC86u router.

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