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How to Reset TP-Link IP Camera to Factory Defaults?

Is there anyone who knows about how to reset the TP-Link IP camera to factory defaults. I am facing some issues in this while doing reset this. Help me.
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TP-Link IP Camera to Factory Defaults:

If you want to add or change the settings related to the camera to the factory default on TP-link, then there are probably three methods with the help of which this thing can be obtained.

The list of the processes which should be ultimately undertaken has been provided in the following way. 

Method 1: Hard Reset By Pressing the RESET Button

If you want to do the required changes with the help of this method, then you have to follow the three-step guide given in the following way. This guide will ultimately help you to bring the maximum amount of results.

The list of the two methods which should be followed has been given in the following way. 

Step 1: the first step involves keeping the device powered on for 30 seconds to complete the normal setup. It is important to keep in mind that it is the best type of process with the help of which the factory settings can be resolved in the minimum amount of time. 

Step 2: After that, you have to find something like a pin and press the reset button. This reset button is available on the camera settings, and once you press that, you have to hold it for 15 seconds to get the default factory settings restored.

After this, you must delete the existing settings and make the new changes, which we ultimately help you add a new camera to the existing default factory settings. 

Step 3: once you are done releasing the reset button and adding the new device, you have to reboot the entire device for one minute, and the new changes would be added, and the related changes would be removed. 

Method 2: By Using an Intelligent IP Installer

It is yet another method with the help of which the required object for adding a new security camera to the existing factory seconds could be achieved.

The list has been provided in the following way. 

Step 1: you are required to install the intelligent IP installer. In the second place, you are also required to run this activity and click the search option on your device.

Step 2: you have to select the camera in the device list and click on the factory default on the right side. You will be prompted to a login page in which you have to enter your login details like username and password, which are both admins.

The device will automatically upload itself, and the latest changes will be Incorporated. Once these changes are incorporated, the new camera device could be added, and you have to update this software in a time for the best Incorporation of the latest updates. 


It can be ultimately concluded that these are the easiest methods with the help of which the desired objectives of adding a camera to the default factory settings could be achieved in the long run.

It is considered the best process with the help of which, without any kind of complications, the desired objective could be obtained in the minimum amount of time. This will also affect the capability in the long run.

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