How to Set Asus Router with BT Infinity 2?

Hi, I've just got BT Infinity 2 and I'm trying to connect the HomeHub5 to my new Asus RT-AC68U wireless router. I know it's supposed to be a very easy setup but for some reason, I am struggling big time with it. I've set the connection type to PPPoE but still, I am receiving the error "There is no response from the remote server" and the internet setup wizard times out every time. What's the correct setup procedure for the cabling, is it Modem WAN to Wireless router WAN or Modem LAN to Wireless router WAN? Please help me!

Setup Asus Router with BT Infinity 2:

You could go through the quick setup option but you’d still have to click the manage settings option to configure further settings. Here are the settings I used to successfully connect to BT Infinity.

To get your internet working, you then just need to connect your VDSL modem into your phone line, via a filter of course. And connect your router to your modem using an ethernet cable and jump onto your router’s admin page. Enable PPPoE and set your username to “”.

Important points to remember:-

Point 1: Use PPPoE mode 

Point 2: username: ""

Point 3: Password: bt

The most important setting to get it connecting was VLAN ID = 101 and ensure you enable 802.1q.

I hope this will help you and you can easily browse the internet.

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How to Set Asus Router with BT Infinity 2

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