How to Setup Port Forwarding on TP-Link Archer A7 Router

Please let me know how to setup port forwarding on TP-Link Archer A7 router. I have no idea that how to do that. Help me.
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TP-LINK Archer A7 is the router which has far-fetched range with speed network. It has gained demand with the Work From Home culture and can run all your applications at great speed.

To set up Port Forwarding on the TP-LINK Archer A7 router you need to first login to the router by using login credentials and then press Advanced -> NAT Forwarding ->Virtual Servers.

Now click on Add and fill in the External Port and the Internal IP and finally save and complete the process. It is very important to Port Forwarding on any router as it is a internal process that is required to intercept data traffic that is required for a computer’s IP/port combination.

Following are its unmatchable features of TP-Link Archer A7-

  • It supports 802.11ac standard and is hence supposed to be faster than wireless N speeds.
  • Simultaneously, 5GHz 1300 Mbps and 2.4GHz 450 Mbps connections are necessary for 1.75Gbps of total available bandwidth.
  • USB Port readily enables sharing files and media with networked devices or remotely via an FTP server
  • Provides Guest Network Access for guests who can easily share your Wi-Fi network at home or in the office.
  • Offers easy setup and management with Tether App.

Now, let us collectively learn how to open router ports on a TP-Link router. This will further redirect ports from the router to the computer. Meanwhile, let us set up port forwarding on TP-Link Archer A7 *router.

Scroll Through the Steps Given Below to Learn More about TP-Link Archer A7 Setup-

Step 1: Try logging in from the admin login page of your PC.

Step 2: You will then find router credentials and the login page at the back of the router.

Step 3: Press Advanced -> NAT Forwarding -> Virtual Servers. You then ought to click on Add and fill in the External Port and the Internal IP-

  • External Ports are the ones that are to be opened.
  • Internal IP shows the internal IP of your PC.
  • Get the internal IP by going to your command prompt and type.
  • You can then get the Internal IP from the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Save and complete the process.

TP-Link Archer A7 Opening Ports on Windows 10:

Here’s going into further details and learning how to open ports on Windows 10!

  •     Click on windows search (start button).
  •     Then type Firewall and Network Protection.
  •     Further, users will have to click on advanced settings.

Learn to Run Pi Node on Windows 10 to join Pi Test Net. Here is How?

To join the pi Testnet, you require Pi Node. You can further sign up for the Pi Network online on their official website.

Follow the steps for an easy walkthrough:

  •     Download pi node from the official site.
  •     Open and Click on Node after downloading Pi Node.
  •     Then click on Continue to run.

TP-Link Archer A7 Port-Forwarding and Its Necessity?

Port forwarding, or tunneling, is an internal process that is required to intercept data traffic that’s required for a computer’s IP/port combination. This also involves redirecting the same to a different IP and/or port.

It’s usually a program that is running on the host computer that helps cause the redirection.

An intermediate hardware component, such as a router, proxy server, or firewall might as well be the reason for this.

This is helpful since anyone sending data to a server isn’t quite aware of what’s going on, for the request will still get to its ultimate destination.

The Necessity of TP-Link Archer A7 Port Forwarding:

Port-forwarding is an amazing way to secure public IP addresses.

Following are the reasons-

  •     It helps protect servers and clients from unwanted access.
  •     services and servers available on a network are “hidden”
  •     It limits access to and from a network.
  •     It is a transparent method to ensure end-to-end security (adds an extra layer of security to networks).


The Archer A7 is a fast 802.11ac router with an amazing range as mentioned above. It’s truly better than many other routers that are rather expensive. This stupendous Wi-Fi is further designed for high-traffic activities and hence a perfect choice for offices and work-from-home scenarios.

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