How to Setup TP Link N450 WiFi Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup TP Link n450 wifi router. I bought this new router but now i am trying to setup it then it's not working. Help me in setup.

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Setup TP Link N450 Router WiFi :

In this article we are going to explain to use of your TP-Link n450 router as an access point. There will be a main router, which we need to connect with TP-Link N450 router by using LAN ( Local area network) port, there is another port which is wireless area network (WAN) port, which is not used in this configuration.

There will be a typical connection between your computer device and modem by using wireless n router as a Wi-Fi network, this means your computer device accessing internet through your n450 Wi-Fi router.

Step by Step Procedure to Setup TP Link N450 WiFi Router:

First You Need to Connect Your Hardware First.

  • First of all if your modem is connected with any electrical signal means if your modem is getting power from any kind of resource, first you need to disconnect your modem with the power by using simply press power off button and you need to remove power backup devices, if your modem is connected with it.
  • Now you need to connect your modem to internet by using Ethernet cable by simply attach your Ethernet cable to insert in internet port of your modem.
  • Now you need to power on modem and wait for two or three minutes.
  • After waiting two or three minutes, you need to power on your router.
  • After some LED’s light is on like power on, wireless on, internet on, this specifies that your hardware connection has been successfully established with.
  • your router and modem, if LED’s light are not blinking or showing, this means some error is occurs in your hardware connection, and you need to repeat this procedure again until getting LED’s in your router.

TP Link N450 Router Configuration-

Now you need to connect your computer with your tp link n450 router with wired or wireless, if you are connecting your computer with tp link n450 router with wired, use Ethernet cable, one end you need to insert in your computer Ethernet port and another one insert in your router Ethernet port, for wireless connection,

you need to connect your computer with the tp link n450 router by using the default network name(SSID) and for password, you need to look out bottom of product label of your router, where the password is printed.

  • Now open your web browser on your computer and start configuring your router.
  • At the browser address bar you need to enter following link address .
  • Now you will get username and password window, where you need to enter user name and password, Press the button login.
  • After clicking login, you will get a message box on your screen, which is related with your quick setup, you need to press ‘next’ button to continue your setup or you can click ‘Exit’ button to abort setup.
  • Now you need to select your WAN connection type, click your connection type from the following list, if you are unaware for your connection type, simply select ‘Auto Detect’ from the list and click next to continue your setup.
  • On the next window, you need to verify or change your network setting like network name, wireless security password, click next.
  • Note: Suppose you want to customize your network and security password, you can change it from there by entering your new network name and password and remember it for future use.
  • Now you need to click on finish button to finish setup.

This is the Complete Detailed Step by Step Procedure to Setup TP Link N450 WiFi Router:

Below are Some Troubleshooting FAQ, Which are Useful, When You are Facing Some Challenges to Setup Your tp link n450 Router.

Qns: if I am not able to view login window during the setup, what should we do?

Ans: (1)Go to your network setting of computer and check your IP Address, if it static IP or Fixed IP address is there, please change it with “obtain IP Address automatically”

(2) Verify the link address, which you have entered in the address bar correctly

(3) Reboot your router again

(4) You can disable your network adapter once, and enable again

(5) You can use another browser to enter link address

Qns: If I forgot my management window password, how can I get this again?

Ans: You need to restore your router with factory setting, then you can use the default username and password to continue setup.

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