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How To Setup TP Link Powerline?

I recently bought a new PC which I use for gaming (mostly online games like TF2). In order to play the games without lag, the sales assistant suggested I use an Ethernet connection rather than wireless. Since my computer is upstairs while my router is downstairs, I bought TP-Link powerline adapters that go through the house mains. However, at seemingly random times with no clear pattern, I will be disconnected from the Internet. The icon in the bottom left of my screen that shows my Internet connection will have a yellow warning triangle next to it, and I will be disconnected from any server I am on. Upon turning off the TP-Link adapters at the wall and turning them on again, the problem fixes itself and I am once again able to connect to the internet with no problem. How do I fix this issue?

TP Link Powerline Setup:

Method 1: Through TP Link powerline pairing Button

Step 1: Press and hold the Pair button of Powerline adapter A for 1 second the Power LED will start flashing.

Step 2: In 120 seconds please press and hold the Pair button of adapter B for 1 second the Power LED will start flashing. About 60 seconds later the Powerline LED on both adapters will light up.

Notes: 1. For TL-PA201/TL-PA211 V1/TL-PA210 V1/TL-PA251 V1 you need hold the Pair button 3-8 seconds to start the pair procedure. 2. If you have tried several times but failed please press the pair button and hold it more than 10 seconds to leave the network and then try to pair again.

Step 3: For more adapters please press the pair button on one of the existing network then press Pair button on the adapter which wants to be joined in the existing network. Simply add them one by one.

Method 2: Through TP Link Powerline utility

Step 1: Insert the CD or click here to download on the website then install the TP Link powerline utility.

Step 2: Connect your computer directly to the adapter. Then open the Utility and go to the Status page. Type in the Network Name and click the Apply button. The name should be more than 4 letters.

Step 3: Connect the computer to another adapter and repeat Step 2. The network name should be the same. In this way, all adapters will be on the same secured network.

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TP Link Powerline Setup:

Step 1: Connect your windows computer to the wireless powerline adapter's Ethernet port or wireless. Run the CD came with Powerline adapter select your model and click the Management Utility.

Step 2: The Utility will scan the whole network and show you all wireless powerline adapter. Please find the adapter to be configured and click Connect to log in the Web-based management utility.

Note : If another TL-WPA281 is displayed on the screen above and you cannot decide which model is the one you are configuring please refer to the MAC address under MAC Address column. The device's MAC address can be found on the label at the bottom of the device.

Step 3: Enter admin for the Username and Password (both in lower case). Then click OK or press Enter.

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How To Setup TP Link Powerline

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