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Hello, folks need some help here. I have recently bought a TP-Link router for lease and this thing has no software CD with it. I have a Streamyx as a service provider and want to hook up my router to the modem provided by them. How am I supposed to do it since I plugged it in and connected to the modem, entered my previous SSID and Password but nothing worked. Can anyone here tell me a way to make my router work with Streamyx?

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TP Link TD-w8961n Streamyx Setup | Streamyx Connection Setup

Step 1 :

Before you can edit your new modem; TP-Link TP8980 setting you need to first connect to it. Switch on your new modem and wait until you see your default Wi-Fi signal to appear. Connect to the default Wi-Fi network (shown below) with the password that can be found on your modem (look for the white sticker).

As usual I will access the modem with my Safari Browser. You can access the modem virtually with any desktop or mobile devices. Point your browser to;

User ID: admin

Password: Admin

You can use the software that came with the modem but I prefer not to install bloatware on my computer.

Step 2 : This "Quick Setup" is not so quick setup. Not as simple as the one on Innacomm. I wish it were fewer steps to go through. Click "Quick Setup" to proceed.

Step 3 : This is where it gets tricky. The VPI & VCI value by factory default is 8/35. DO NOT use the default value you will never connect to Streamyx with the default value.

Change it to;

VPI: 0

VCI: 35

Step 4 : Select PPPoE for most of us. If you encounter problem not able to connect to the Internet with PPPoE please change it back to PPPoA.

Step 5 : Enter your Streamyx credentials so your modem knows how to connect to the ISP. If you have forgotten your password you can call TM at 100 to reset your password. (Dial 100 select report line fault key in your house phone number and speak to the human being)

Username: username@streamyx

Password: Your Streamyx password

Confirm Password: Retype the Streamyx password.

Personally I think the double confirm on the password is a redundant step but it could be useful for some people; making sure you have entered a correct password could save some time in troubleshooting.

Step 6 : Give your wireless network a name. TP-Link TP8980 is a dual band wireless; 2.4GHz and 5GHz signal. Set your wireless network name (SSID) to both of these signal. You might want to set a signal name that you can recognize which is which 2.4 and 5GHz signal.Wireless Network Name: Any name you desire

Region: Malaysia

Channel: Auto

Mode: 11an mixed (5GHz) 11bgn mixed (2.4GHz)

Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Password: Give a strong 13 characters password (pair with capital letters small letters numbers and special symbols)

Step 7 : Review your setting and hit save. Slightly more steps to complete TP-Link TP-8980 modem to connect to Streamyx but luckily it is quite straightforward.

From now on your modem will be up and running with two wireless networks. If your devices see both networks you can use either one of these networks. Otherwise your devices are only supporting 2.4GHz wireless networks.

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To Setup TP-Link Router for Streamyx, Follow These Steps:-

Step 1- Firstly, switch on your TP-Link router and wait for Wi-Fi signal to appear. The best thing is that you can access the modem virtually with any desktop or mobile devices. Type “” in the address bar and hit Enter key.

When the Login Screen Appears, Enter These Details:-

User ID : admin

Password : Admin

Step 2- Now, click on “Quick Setup” and proceed further. For connecting to Streamyx, change VPI and VCI values. Modify VPI into 0 and VCI into 35.

Step 3- After that, choose PPPoE option but if you face any problem while connecting to the internet with PPPoE, then use PPPoA. Also, you can ask for support by calling TP-Link Router Tech Support Number.

Step 4- Now you have to enter Streamyx credentials. Type “username@streamyx” in Username field box, password in the Password field box. Also, you have to confirm your password by entering the same password in the Confirm Password field box.

Step 5- Set a name for your wireless network. In fact, you should also set a signal name that you can recognize 2.4 and 5GHz signal. Also, set Channel as “Auto” and security as “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK”. Keep in mind that you should use a strong password that contains capital letters, small letters, numbers and special symbols.

Step 6- Review your setting and click on Save button. From now, enjoy web browsing with TP-Link router.


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