How To Setup TP Link Router With Usb Modem?

I brought a router TP-LINK. I have an usb modem which has no other port as LAN. I have only one ethernet LAN controller which is integrated. Now With the mentioned device above can i setup my router so i can use the internet on other wifi device. Answer is urgent, plz someone help.

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If your ISP is supplying you via DSL (phone line rather than Cable TV) you should aim to replace the USB device with the router assuming that has a built in DSL modem (which it may not see below). You'll need to supply the WAN settings and password and username that your ISP requires so call their helpline or look on their website for help pages.

If the TP Link device is intended to work with a separate modem you'll need to replace the USB modem with one that has an ethernet port that can be connected to a router. Hope this will help you.

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How To Setup TP Link Router With Usb Modem?

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