How to Setup Two ASUS Router as AiMesh in Access Point Mode

Please let me know that how to setup two ASUS router as AiMesh in access point mode. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Routers offer various operating modes to fulfill several needs. Some of the operation modes are access point mode, range extender mode, wireless router mode, and media bridge mode. Setting up 2 Asus routers as AiMesh in Access point mode comes with a lot of benefits like extended coverage, unification of management, one network name, efficient roaming, consistency in security settings, NAT disabled, and IP sharing.

Some of the things required in the process are log in details and a second spare router, which will act as a mesh node. You can establish either a wired or wireless connection between the router and computer and kick-start the process.

Setup two ASUS Router as AiMesh in Access Point Mode:

What is the ASUS router's operation mode?

To fulfill a variety of needs, some routers offer a variety of operating modes.

Operation mode:

Wireless router mode

Range extender mode (Repeater mode)

Access point mode

Media bridge mode

There is no support if it is not specified in the specification table.

What is Access Point(AP) Mode?

AiMesh Routers in AP mode use an Ethernet cable to connect to a wireless router and spread the wireless signal to other network clients. IP sharing and NAT are disabled by default in the firewall. How you can set up two ASUS Routers as AiMesh in Access Point mode are shown below.

After setting up the router as a repeater, the router's IP address will be changed; to locate the router's IP address, first download and install the Device Discovery Utility.

Set the Mesh router to AP mode, then make sure the front router/modem has a working DHCP server. Because the mesh system's IP addresses should all be routed through the front router/modem.

Step 1: Open a web browser and type into the address bar.

Step 2: You will be automatically directed to the Quick Internet Setup (QIS) page when you first log in to the Web GUI. Select [Advanced Settings] from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: By clicking [Choose operation mode].

Step 4: Click [Access Point(AP) mode]

Step 5: Click [Automatic IP]

Step 6: To set up a distinct SSID, click there.

Step 7: You'll need to set up your username and password for the login router for the first time. Click [Next] when you're finished typing. The configuration of the Access Point(AP) mode is complete.

In AP Mode, How Can I Get into the Router's GUI?

After completing the AP mode setup, check to see if the 1st ax92U is connected correctly and receiving an IP address from the front router.

Step 1: Connect your PC to the router using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection after launching the Asus Device Discovery utility.

After you've connected your computer to the router, click the Search button to identify your wireless router's IP address, and then click IP address.

Step 2: Enter your router's username and password on the login page, then click [Sign In].

Step 3: To add the 2nd AX92U as a mesh node, go to the 1st AX92U (AP mode) setup page and click the AiMesh icon. [Search] will be selected.

Step 4: Click the 2nd AX92U, and Apply.

Step 5: You're done.

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