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How to Update Rockspace Extender Firmware?

Please let me know that how to update Rockspace Extender firmware. I am facing some issues while updating firmware. Help me.
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Update Rockspace Extender Firmware:

Almost every technical device you see around has to be updated to keep it in top condition. And the same holds good for Rockspace Extender. It needs a firmware update regularly to ensure that it works without any lags.

To get the highest speed with best-in-class security you have to keep a check on regular updates that are coming up. Many times when you don't update it, your device won't work as expected and you might have to face crashes.

Your device might also function abnormally if it's not updated timely. Hence keeping it up to date is smart. This text will help you with how to update your Rockspace Extender Firmware. 

How to Access the Login Page? 

In case you want to update the firmware extender of Rockspace login to the extender page at first. You can do this by using the IP address that is provided by your router. If you don't know how to access the login page you can follow the steps given below:

  • Move to the command prompt of your computer 
  • Type the 'ipconfig' command in the window
  • The IP address that comes up on the front of your gateway is your IP address

Once you successfully login onto the router page you can check the list of all the connected devices. And under the list of all the connected devices, you can get your IP for Rockspace Extender. 

How to Check the Current Version of Firmware?

To update your Rockspace extender you must first be knowledgeable about the current version. This paragraph will help you understand how to check the available version of the firmware. Here's how to do it:

  • Check the access point firmware section that will help you know the current access point firmware version of the firebox. Know that you can only update the compatible firmware version. 
  • You can know the current firmware version of each point by going through the version column.  
  • Also, have a look at the AP status Firebox System Manager for further details. 

How to Search the Latest Version of Rockspace Firmware Extender? 

Here are steps that can be followed for successfully updating Rockspace Firmware Extender:

  • To search the latest firmware open your browser and just type re.rockspace.local in the search bar. 
  • You can search for an extender for any model like RSD606, RSD0608, or RSD0607 and then download any of them you want. 
  • Once the download is completed you can unzip it for usage. 

How to Update Rockspace Firmware Extender? 

  • Try to login through your web using re. rockspace.local URL and click on the administrative page that is on the left. 
  • Later move to the unzipped file that you downloaded beforehand. 
  • You can find the unzipped file in the form of firmware.bin. 
  • Once you click to open a pop-up window will show up. 
  • Once you start the updated device will reboot and this might take up to two minutes.
  • Make sure that you update firmware only from the official site and it isn't a fake one.
  • You can also go through a manual provided by the official site for better results.
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