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Enabled WAN Access - Locked Out of RT ACRH13?

Cannot access ACRH13 GUI Firefox, Brave, Chrome browser’s fail “Can’t establish a connection to the server at 192.168.50.” The changes I made that caused this: - Logged into router GUI - Advanced Settings > Administration > System tab Enable Web Access from WAN Selected Only allow specific IP: Clicked yes to allow specific IP address to access the wireless router GUI settings from WAN - Entered my phone’s IP address set it and logged out. BTW I installed the latest firmware 24 hrs before this session before making any changes. I thought it would allow me to access the GUI from my mobile device. - I can no longer access the router - Firefox, Brave and chrome all fail via subsequent addresses below) - I tried accessing using the Allowed IP address I entered (phone’s IP address) - Tried accessing the from my phone’s browser (which was my initial intent) - All have failed. My network is functioning fine and can access the internet via ethernet and wifi. I have tried the following addresses: (LAN IP) my.domain:8080 I've also tried different asus "aliases" which have worked for some people. http://asus.router.com http://asus.router.com:8443 (nothing listening here, but had to try...) http://www.asusnetwork.net http://www.asusnetwork.net:8443 (nothing listening here, but had to try...) The problem was that I thought the IP white list was under Administration->Web Interface applied to WAN traffic only. Other than doing a factory reset, I’m out of ideas. Any help?

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Enabled WAN Access - Locked Out of RT ACRH13

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