Enabled WAN Access - Locked Out of RT ACRH13

Cannot access ACRH13 GUI Firefox, Brave, Chrome browser’s fail “Can’t establish a connection to the server at 192.168.50.” The changes I made that caused this: - Logged into router GUI - Advanced Settings > Administration > System tab Enable Web Access from WAN Selected Only allow specific IP: Clicked yes to allow specific IP address to access the wireless router GUI settings from WAN - Entered my phone’s IP address set it and logged out. BTW I installed the latest firmware 24 hrs before this session before making any changes. I thought it would allow me to access the GUI from my mobile device. - I can no longer access the router - Firefox, Brave and chrome all fail via subsequent addresses below) - I tried accessing using the Allowed IP address I entered (phone’s IP address) - Tried accessing the from my phone’s browser (which was my initial intent) - All have failed. My network is functioning fine and can access the internet via ethernet and wifi. I have tried the following addresses: (LAN IP) my.domain:8080 I've also tried different asus "aliases" which have worked for some people. (nothing listening here, but had to try...) (nothing listening here, but had to try...) The problem was that I thought the IP white list was under Administration->Web Interface applied to WAN traffic only. Other than doing a factory reset, I’m out of ideas. Any help?
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How to Login Asus Router Settings


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