How do I Perform a Factory Reset on My Netgear Router

Hello, Please let me know that how do I perform a factory reset on my NETGEAR router. I am not able to do factory reset on Netgear router. Help me.

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Factory Reset NETGEAR Router:

As we know that Netgear router is network devices, so sometimes you might face problems like you are not able to connect your Netgear router with connecting devices like you are not getting proper signals or any kind of obstacles may be kept between your router and connecting devices.

These are the common problem and there are so many general solutions by using you can resolve your issue. But in certain conditions, in which you have tested out all the solutions and still you are facing a connecting issue. So in that case you are required to perform a factory reset process for your Netgear router if the rest of the devices are working fine.

What is Factory Reset Netgear Router:

A Netgear factory reset process delete all the personalized data including your username, password, your network SSID, and the rest of the security settings. There are certain situations suppose if you lost your password and not able to access your Netgear router web interface so in that case, you need to perform the factory reset operation.

If you are enabled to access your Netgear router password, you do not need to perform factory reset operation else you need to factory reset your device.

The following Steps are to Perform a Factory Reset on NETGEAR Router:

Step 1 : Firstly, you need to verify that your Netgear router power light should be turned on.

Step 2 : Thereafter, you are required to locate the reset button which is usually located at the backside of the Netgear router to perform the factory reset operation.

Step 3 : Now you are required to use a sharp paper clip or any kind of similar object which is used to press and hold the reset button to perform the factory reset operation. You need to press the reset button for approximately seven to eight seconds.

Step 4 : Now you can release the reset button and your power light will be turned into solid green and white and your router will reset with its default settings.

Step 5 : After performing the factory reset operation, you need to use the default user name and password to access your Netgear router web interface which are Username is admin and password is password.

If the above solution does not work, you can go with another alternate solution which is factory reset operation using WPS:

Netgear Factory Reset Operation with WPS:

If you are still facing issues related to factory resetting operation, you need to go factory reset operation using WPS. There are so many Netgear router which comes with WPS and a wireless button.

Step 1 : First you need to locate the wireless and WPS button on the backside of your router.

Step 2 : Thereafter, you need to press both wireless and WPS button simultaneously for approximately six seconds until the power LED may turn into red.

Step 3 : Now you can release the button and your router will reboot and the power LED will be turned into solid light and your Netgear router will be restored with its factory setting.

How to Change Password after Resetting Operation:

After performing factory reset operation, usually, all data removes generally which includes password etc. So in that case, you have to login router web interface with default username and password.

So to change the password, you are required to delete the system32 folder on your window and restart your computer. On rebooting up your computer, it will ask you for a new password.

There are some FAQ’s which are relevant when you are performing factory reset operation for your Netgear router:

30/30 Reset:

For performing 30/30 reset operation, you need to press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds then unplug your router while still holding reset button for 30 seconds. Now you need to plug back your router while holding the reset button.

In this process, you have to hold the reset button for total 30+30+30=90 seconds which is approximate 1 minute and 30 seconds. If it does not work, you can connect it with your terminal.

Light does not Come after Pressing Reset Button:

So in this case, first you need to cross-check your power connection. You need to check the cable is it damage or not or you are getting enough power. If all the things are correct, there might be a possibility that your unit might be damage from resetting it.

Netgear router is the most advanced router which comes with external antennas to extend wifi coverage. Netgear router has Push N connect button to connect easily with other devices. It comes on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band and it is suitable for small and medium homes. It has WPA based security. Netgear router has 4 MB flash memory and 32 MB primary memory. It comes with five fast Ethernet port also.

This is the detailed document on to perform a factory reset NETGEAR router.

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