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How many devices are connected to my tenda wi-fi router?

I have question-related to my Tenda D151 (ADSL) router. I want to know how to check the number of devices that are connected to my router. I know that one can go to router's setting page and can find out from there. But I don't know what option to select because it is technical and I don't want to mess my Wi-Fi settings. So if anyone knows this, please reply.

Check Connected Devices on WiFi Tenda Router -

Tenda wifi router is the router by which you can make your work easy. You can directly connect to the wifi settings of Tenda wifi router on the router settings page.

For the Quick Setup Wizard, You have to Follow These Steps-

Insert the Resource CD of the Tenda wifi router  into the drive of your computer and then it will run automatically on the routers settings page. If it is not running then double click on it and it will display the screen given below:

Click on the run option then it will automatically configure out the TCP/IP properties of your computer.

After the configuration of your PC, the login window will display:

Enter the username and password on the screen and then press login page for the further process. If you want to reset password you can go previous to the page and then you can reset your password there.

The router settings page provides wifi settings of your Tenda wifi router. You must follow these steps:

As a picture given below you can view system information and current status of your WAN connection.

You can see the WAN information including description, interface, type, IGMP, NAT, Firewall, Status, IPv4 Address and VLAN ID as shown in the picture given below:

In the Statistics option of router settings page, you will see the packets received and transmitted on the LAN/WAN ports. LAN will display the packets which are transmitted on the ports of LAN.

WAN will display the packets which are transmitted on the ports of WAN.

In the route table you are shown a routing table as the picture given below:

In the ARP you can see the IP and Mac Addresses in the PCs which are attached to the device either via wired or wireless connection as seen in the picture given below:

In the DHCP you can see the DHCP leases which includes IP and MAC addresses of the PCs, hostnames and the lease time is remaining as shown in the picture given below:

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How Many Devices can be Connected to Tenda N301:

The best way to find this information will be to check your router’s web interface.

  • Your router hosts your Wi-Fi network, so it has the most accurate data about which devices are connected to it.
  • Most routers offer a way to view a list of connected devices, although some may not.
  • Open in your browser and enter Username & Password.
  • Once you enter the login credentials you will see this home page for configuration of the router.
  • Click on the Status Info -> Wireless Info. Click on "Show Active Clients" and it will open a tab containing a table of active clients connected to your Wi-Fi Network.
  • Here you go, the MAC address of the active clients will be shown on the screen.
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How many devices are connected to my tenda wi-fi router

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