How to Access a Windstream Router?

Recently i bought a wind stream router. However i do not know how to access the basic configuration of this router. if any one can help me in resolving this issue, kindly revert back.

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Windstream is a telecom service provider that provides high-speed internet and digital television services. Windstream has collaborated with 2 wire to provide a wireless connection to its users. You can access wireless network via a DSL internet connection. The web-based interface of Windstream wireless router can be accessed through your web browser. Let's’ now check how to access a 2wire Windstream router.

  • Connect your 2wire Windstream router to your computer either via wired ethernet connection or wireless connection.
  • Plug the Windstream 2wire router to the power outlet and turn the device On.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to it is the default IP address of 2wire Windstream routers. Hit enter.
  • Click on the tab home network < wireless settings. You will now be prompted to enter the router password which is generally admin.
  • You can now access and change the settings of your browser according to your preferences.
  • After applying the changes, click on save to apply changes.




How to Access a Windstream Router?

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