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How to Find a DD-WRT Router Password?

Hello, Please let me know that how to find a DD-WRT router password. I am facing some issue while finding password. Help me.
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Find a DD-WRT Router Password:

1. Steps to Find a DD-WRT Router Password using default credentials

  • Go to your Internet browser (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer) and in the address field, type 
  • After that you will be prompted to insert your username and password.
  • Next, enter in "root" for the username and "admin" for the password. If this default password does not work, you will be required to reset your modem.
  • Now go to the website of the manufacturer of your router. 
  • For example, Netgear and Linksys are two routers that are common on the market. Both routers have a password of "admin" by default. 
  • Next, click on the support and documentation in the website of your router’s manufacturer in order to find the default password.
  • Lastly, Revisit in your Web browser and attempt to use your manufacturer's username and password defaults.

2. Steps to Find a DD-WRT Router Password by resetting modem​

  • Turn your computer system off.
  • Next, press and hold the reset button usually located on the backside of your router for 30 seconds. And to do that, use a pointed object like a paper clip or toothpick to press the reset button. 
  • Now disconnect your router from the power outlet while still pressing the reset button.
  • Make sure to keep the router unplugged for approximately 60 seconds.
  • Now connect or plug the router back in the power outlet on the wall and reboot your computer.
  • Type in in your preferred Internet browser and type in the username and password for your manufactured router, or try "root" for the username and "admin" for the password.

3. Steps to find your ISP Username and Password

Your web service supplier (ISP) needs a username and secret to access service options, as well as web and email. Your ISP ought to offer this info once you set up your web service. 

Typically, once you complete the setup and save the data, your router or electronic equipment transmits it behind the scenes once you try to access the net. As a result, the username and secret will be simply forgotten as a result of they're not used daily. 

If you reset your router or just forget the secret, gaining access to network resources and also the web becomes a challenge. Call your ISP's technical support department. several ISPs set a default username and secret for his or her routers.

If you did not change the username and secret, your ISP will offer the initial info. 

Before you suspend up, check that the data is correct by coming into it and attempting to attach to the net. If the data is inaccurate and you continue to cannot get an affiliation, keep the data for later reference.

Next, contact your router's manufacturer. The manufacturer of your router sets a username and password before shipping the device to your ISP. investigate the router for the contact info of the manufacturer. decision their client service or technical support department and enkindle the default info.

Reset your router. If you modified your router's username and password and can't bear in mind what you entered, you'll need to reset the router. Insert the resource CD into your computer's drive. once the package installation program starts, search the screen for "Resources" or "Documentation" or "User Manual." 

Click the documentation link and search the table of contents for resetting the router. Once you are done resetting the router, the username and password come to the default set by your ISP or manufacturer. At last, enter the data provided by your ISP or manufacturer.

A little about DD-WRT Routers

A DD-WRT router is a router that has had special software (firmware) called DD-WRT installed on it. Whereas most routers (like the one you get from your ISP when you purchase a broadband contract) have very few functions: DD-WRT routers allow their users to control many advanced features.

In a nutshell, DD-WRT is a firmware that can be installed on your router with the aim of enhancing its performance. WRT was first used by the iconic Linksys WRT54G, and it is an acronym that stands for Wireless Router. DD, on the other hand, is the town code for Dresden, a town in Germany where the development team (called BrainSlayers) of Linksys WRT54G lived.

The firmware that is currently being provided by manufacturers of routers lacks some important features that can make a simple router into a super router. In the early days, this does not pose a problem to most users, and this makes financial sense to router companies since most users do not need these extra features anyway. 

However, more and more computer users are becoming technologically inclined and well informed. These users have realized that their routers can be improved, and the first option is through the use of a DD-WRT. These days, router companies have started selling DD-WRT flashed routers because they have seen the demand, and don’t want to get left behind.

We hope the above article helped you to Find a DD-WRT Router Password.

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