How to Login for DD-WRT Routers

Please let me know that how to log in for DD-WRT routers. I am facing some issues while login this router. If you know then help me.
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DD-WRT, a third-party microcode for shopper routers, has its own default username and countersign. putting in DD-WRT erases your router's current user name and countersign and replaces it with DD-WRT's.

You will need the login data to access DD-WRT's internet interface employing an applications program, or its command-line surroundings employing telnet or secure shell application.

Here’s How to Login for DD-WRT Routers:

Default Username and Countersign

DD-WRT's default username is "root" (omit quotes here and throughout) and its default countersign is "admin." you will be prompted to vary the countersign when you log within the 1st time.

You'll be able to use this user name and countersign to log into the net interface or into the instruction via the telnet or secure shell commands. Perform a tough reset if you cannot keep in mind the custom-made user name and countersign combination on your unit.

Hard Reset

Perform a tough reset to reset DD-WRT to its default settings if you cannot log in. The reset conjointly erases all of your custom settings from DD-WRT.

To perform a tough reset, press the "Reset" button on the rear of your router, hold it down for thirty seconds, undo the router while not emotional the button, hold it down for one more thirty seconds, introduce the router while not emotional the button and hold it down for one more thirty seconds before emotional it.

Web Interface

Log into the Web-based interface to put together your DD-WRT router. Enter into your internet browser's address bar and press "Enter" to access the Web-based interface.

Log in with the user name "root" and therefore the countersign "admin" to continue. you'll be able to use the net interface to put together your DD-WRT router's settings, as well as setting a custom username and/or countersign.

Telnet and Secure Shell

Access the DD-WRT router's instruction exploitation of the telnet and secure shell (SSH) commands. Use the ‘telnet’ command to attach to the router and log in with the user name ‘root’ and your current countersign. Use the user name "root" notwithstanding that you've got a custom user name. 

On Windows, you'll be able to install the telnet command from the programs and options control board. Secure shell logins are disabled by default; you'll be able to modify SSH services by working into the net interface, navigating to the Services tab, and sanctionative the SSHd service.

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