How To Login to a Clover Router And Access The Setup Page?

Hello, Please let me know that how to login to a Clover router and access the setup page. I bought this new router and don't have any idea about that setting. help me.

Clover Router Login:

The control panel of the clover router is its web interface and that is where you save the settings and make further changes. In order to make changes in the settings, you are first required to login to the Clover router. 

If you want to know how to login to a Clover router, then take a look at the steps given below but before that here are some of the requirements that you must meet in order to have access to the web interface of clover router. 

These requirements include a web  browser, network access and Clover router. 

1) Please Ensure that You are Connected to Your Clover Router Device

To open the setup page of your router, you first need to be connected to the network. You can either get connected using an ethernet wire or through a wireless network.

If you don’t know the password of your wireless network, then you can connect to the network by using an ethernet cord as that does not require you to enter a passcode. 

2) Open Your Internet Browser and Then Enter the IP Address in the Location Bar

Open your internet browser and then enter the P address in the URL section of your browser. The common address for the clover router is


However, if that is not the Clover IP address, then you can take a look at the list of default IP addresses for the particular model that you are using. 

Now, that you are connected to the router, you can go to the website to search for the IP address. It is also known by the name of the IP value of the router.

3) Type-in the Username and Password

To login to the clover router, enter the username and password in their respective sections. In case you don’t remember what the user ID and passwords are, then see the list of default credentials that is available on the internet. 

Also, learn how you can reset the ID and password. The default credentials are given at the back of the router device. 

Clover Clover Router Configuration-

Once you are done with the Clover router login, you can easily change the available settings. 

Please make sure that you don't break the network at the time of configuration. Note down the present settings before making any modifications in the settings. 

What to do if the Clover Router Stops Working after Configuration Change? 

In case you have ended up making the changes that broke the home network of Clover, then you can go back to the original settings by following the 30-30-30 reset. 

This step is generally taken when no other option is applicable. In case you are still able to access the clover interface, then you can go back to the previous settings. This is only possible if you have written down the settings before. 

So, these are all the steps that one needs to take in order to login to the clover router. The first thing that you need to make sure is that you are connected to the network. After that, enter the IP address of Clover router in the location bar of the browser and then in the end all you have to do is to enter the username and password.

How To Login to a Clover Router And Access The Setup Page

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