How to Login to the Netgear C3700-100NAS

Hello, Please let me know that how to login to the Netgear C3700-100NAS router. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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Login to the Netgear C3700-100NAS Router:

If you are looking forward to knowing how you can login to your Netgear C3700-100NAS router, then you have come to the right place as here we can provide you with detailed explaination of how to login to Netgear C37-100NAS router. 

Find the IP Address of Your Netgear C3700-100NAS Router

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the internal IP address of your Netgear router. The internal IP address is In case the IP address of your router is not the one mentioned over here, then you need to try out other ways to determine the internal IP address of your router. 

Either you can take a look at your guide on how to find out the IP address of your router. Alternatively, you can try out the program known by the name of router IP address. After determining the internal IP address of your router, then next thing that you need to do is to log into your router. 

Login to Netgear C3700 Router

The Netgear C3700-100NAS uses the web interface for login purposes. You can use the web browser of your choice for logging into your router. You can use an internet browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, internet explorer etc. 

Enter the IP Address in the Location bar of Your Browser

Enter the internal IP address in the location bar of your internet browser. Once you are done entering the address, click on the search icon. After that, you will see a dialog box where you will be required to enter your username and password.

Enter the Default Username and Password

Mentioned below is the list of usernames and passwords that you can enter for logging into your router. The dialog box will appear before you where you will have to enter the username and password. Aftrer that, you will see the Netgear C3700-100NAS. 

Solutions to Login Issues in Netgear C3700-100NAS

If you are encountering login issues, then take a look at the solutions given below. 

Netgear Password not Working Issue

If the password that you entered is not working, then you must try entering new passwords. You can take a look at the list of Netgear passwords available on the internet. In case you don’t find the password on the internet, then that means your password must be different from the one given on the internet. 

Forgot Password Issue IN Netgear C3700-100NAS

If your router device has been provided to you by your internet service provider, then you need to ask them about the username and password of your router device. You can also ask them to reset the password for you. 

Reset Netgear C3700 Router-

In case you are still not able to log into your router, then the only way you are left with to fix your problem is to reset your router and bring it back to default settings. These are the steps that you need to carry out in order to reset your router. 

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to locate the reset button, which is placed at the back of your router. 

Step 2: After your router is turned on, take a paper clip or pen to press the reset button. Now, keep on holding the reset button for the next 10 seconds. 

Step 3: Then, wait for some time for the lights to change on your router device. The changing of lights depends on the model that you are using. The light may blink or it may turn solid into some other colour. 

Step 4: After that, release the reset button and then your device will return to factory default settings.
So, this is everything you need to know to login to Netgear C3700.

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