How to Reset H.264 Network DVR for Lost Password?

Please let me know that how to reset H.264 Network DVR for lost password. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Reset H.264 Network DVR for Lost Password:

There may be situations where you may have witnessed your H.264 Network DVR not getting operational for want of a password. I got stuck up in a similar puzzling situation wherein I could not use my H.264 Network DVR due to its lost password,

and to decipher which I did a whole lot of research and eventually ended up finding a couple of ways of resetting the H.264 Network DVR password. By means of the user-friendly guide presented here, I make an attempt to share several ways to reset H.264 Network DVR for the lost password.

By Means of DVR Factory Default Reset-

The default password as set by the manufacturers for any given H.264 Network DVR is obviously the same and comes from a pre-defined list of passwords depending upon the model and make of Network DVRs.

As it becomes imperative to first use the default password after resetting the Network DVRs, here is a complete list of passwords you can try to get the issue pertaining to resetting the password for H.264 Network DVR resolved.

Using Utility Softwares for Generating Passwords-

Another sound way of resetting the password for your H.264 Network DVR is to generate a new password using a password generator. Please note that you can generate passwords for some specific models only the names of which include models such as Luxvision 5716, 6008 T-EL, HA-1648, CP-Plus, Citrox, BB-4CH, Sansco, Kare including H.264 Network DVR.

How to Reset H.264 Network DVR for Lost Password

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