How to Reset H.264 Network DVR for Lost Password

Please let me know that how to reset H.264 Network DVR for lost password. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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You can face some puzzling situations when your H.264 network DVR might stop working due to its lost password. You may have to reset the H.264 network DVR password. One of the ways to do this is by performing a factory default reset. With the help of factory default reset, you can have access to the predefined password depending on the model of your network DVRs.

You can also consider using utility software to generate the password. This way, you can generate a new password. Also, check whether a firmware update is available for your network DVR. If there is, then update the firmware.

By Means of DVR Factory Default Reset-

The default password as set by the manufacturers for any given H.264 Network DVR is obviously the same and comes from a pre-defined list of passwords depending upon the model and make of Network DVRs.

As it becomes imperative to first use the default password after resetting the Network DVRs, here is a complete list of passwords you can try to get the issue pertaining to resetting the password for H.264 Network DVR resolved.

Using Utility Softwares for Generating Passwords-

Another sound way of resetting the password for your H.264 Network DVR is to generate a new password using a password generator. Please note that you can generate passwords for some specific models only the names of which include models such as Luxvision 5716, 6008 T-EL, HA-1648, CP-Plus, Citrox, BB-4CH, Sansco, Kare including H.264 Network DVR.

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