How to Setup Netgear Extender EX6200

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Netgear extender ex6200. I bought this Netgear router but don't have any idea about it's setup. Help me.

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Setup Netgear ex6200 Extender:

If you are looking forward to knowing how you can setup Netgear EX6200 extender, then you have come to the right place as here we are available with the necessary steps that you can perform to setup Netgear EX6200.

Step 1: First thing that you are required to do is to keep your Netgear EX6200 near your wireless router. Once the connection is established, you can keep your router in a permanent place.

Step 2: Connect your Netgear extender to the power source.

Step 3: After that, you are required to press the on/off button. When you will start your router, two LED lights will lit up. One is the Link Rate LED light and the other one is Device to Extender LED light. After 60 seconds, you will notice that LED lights have turned off.

Step 4: Please ensure that your computer device is not connected to the ethernet network or wireless network. In case your PC or Laptop is already connected to the Ethernet network or wireless network, then you will not be able to connect your PC to the wireless extender.

Step 5: Take an ethernet cable and use it to connect your extender to the computer system. You can connect the ethernet wire to any of the LAN ports of the wireless extender.

One important thing that you need to note is that you cannot use Ethernet wire to connect your Netgear extender to the wireless router. If you do that, then the extender will not work because it is particularly created to connect your extender and computer system.

Step 6: In case you are encountering issues while connecting, then below mentioned are the things that you need to do.

Wait for a few minutes. Turn on your computer and then connect the Ethernet wire to the extender and then open your web browser. Your PC or laptop is going to take a few minutes in recognizing the LAN connection prior to connecting it. Please ensure that your ethernet wire is properly connected to your computer as well as Netgear Extender.

Step 7: After that, you will observe that Device to Extender connection LED will light up. In case the LED light does not turn on, then try to connect the Ethernet wire one more time and then relaunch your internet browser. Launch the internet brouser on the same PC, this will take you to the Netgear Genie screen.

Step 8: Then, you need to select the NEW EXTENDER SETUP.

Step 9: Create an account in order to log into the extender.

Step 10: After that, choose a wireless range extender.

Step 11: After that, you need to select the wireless network and then you need to select Next.

Step 12: Now, go to the security settings of your current network.

Step 13: Then, your Netgear extender will communicate with the router and it is going to take around two minutes.

Step 14: In the next step, the Genie is going to show up the SSID names, which includes _5GEXT for 5GHz network and _2GEXT for 2.4 GHz network. After that, it is going to ask you whether to change the security settings of every extended network and then select Next.

Step 15: The changes applied on the extender will get saved and it is going to take maximum 2 minutes.

Step 16: NETGEAR Genie displays the wireless settings of the extender and then you need to select Continue.

Step 17: Now, the Genie will show the status of the router as well as the Extender.

Step 18: In case you are using a Google Chrome browser while setting up your extender, then a message will pop up stating “We could not add a Bookmark, add your own bookmark”. When this message appears, click on Ok.

Step 19: A page will display before you, giving you a confirmation that your installation has been completed successfully.

So, these are the necessary steps that one needs to carry out in order to setup Netgear ex6200 extender. In case you are facing any difficulty while setting up the extender, then contact the Netgear customer care associates to fix your problem.

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