Login and Setup WiFI Blast Range Extender-

Is there anyone who knows about how to login and setup WiFI Blast range extender- I am facing some issues with this. Help me.
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Setup WiFIBlast Range Extender-

The wifi Blast range extender is used to boost the speed of wireless extenders. There is no requirement for the wireless extender to have a physical connection with the router to form a connection. To set up the wifi blast range, you need to first form a connection between the wireless extender and the power source.

The next step is to connect your operating device to the wifi connection and then open the extender setup page. You can access the extend the setup page with the help of the username and password. With the help of this extender, you can also increase the range of your wifi. 

How to Connect the Extender to the Main WiFi Network?

On your dashboard. You will see information such as current wireless mode, Mac address, and LAN IP address. Press the Repeater button, now it will search for nearby wireless networks. After that, you will see the list of all the networks near you.

Select the name of your wireless network from the list. Now, connect to the network by entering the security key.  Select Apply and then set up the network name and password of your wireless repeater. 

How to Fix the WiFi Blast Extender Login IP Address, not Working Problem?

If you are not able to access the login IP address or the repeater page is taking a long time to respond, then carry out the steps mentioned below to fix your Wi-Fi blast extender login not working problem. 

  • Please ensure that the default IP address printed on your wireless repeater device is not changed. 
  • LAN IP configuration must be in DHCP mode or use a static IP address of the same login series. 

How to Factory Reset a WiFi Blast Range Extender?

If your wireless extender device is disconnecting again and again or you forgot the password to log into your Wi-Fi range extender, then you must factory reset your range extender to fix your problem.

Below are the steps that you need to perform to factory reset your Wi-Fi range extender. 

  • Search for the reset button on your extender device. 
  • Now, connect your wireless extender device to the electrical outlet. 
  • Press the reset button on your extender device for 15 seconds and wait for the LED light to blink. 
  • After that, your extender device will restart and your device will go back to default settings
  • Now, log in to your router with default settings. 
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