Why is my CenturyLink Modem Blinking Blue?

Please let me know that why is my CenturyLink modem blinking blue. I am facing some issues while using this router. Help me.

CenturyLink Modem Blinking Blue:

A modem in today’s world is one of the most preferred devices to facilitate seamless internet connectivity in offices or homes. To make the customer experience enriching, different modems reflect different lights to signal the status of the internet connectivity.

In this context, it is to be seen that the “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” light simply tells that the CenturyLink modem is actually in the phase of initialization and that this light will subsequently turn solid blue after a few minutes when the internet connectivity gets established.

But, if the “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” light continuously persists then it means that your CenturyLink modem is suffering from some connectivity-related technical snag.

Friends, I also came to know about this technical flaw in case of my “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” issue which I could fix by following some easy-to-do troubleshooting steps. So, by means of this user guide, I wish to share a few different methods to solve the “CenturyLink modem blinking blue light” issue.  

Adjusting the Position of the Modem

Many a time the position of your CenturyLink modem is responsible for the “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” issue. A distant position of your CenturyLink modem from your computer or other devices may cause inferior signal reception due to which you may witness your “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” light.

To get this resolved you must fix your CenturyLink modem at a place where proper air space is available. Also, there must not be any hurdle or wall between the CenturyLink modem and the computer. 

Checking the Network Speed 

Quite often you may have to verify the speed of your internet connection to judge whether the CenturyLink modem blinking blue is because of your network or if there are some other modem-related technical flaws.

To verify the speed of your modem you can resort to using a third-party application and if you find the speed of your internet connection OK, you can try other ways of fixing the “CenturyLink modem blinking blue”.

Switching to the Ethernet Connection

On most occasions wired connections are considered better as far as enjoying seamless internet connectivity is considered. Su just buy an Ethernet cable and try establishing the connection using the Ethernet cable.

Try Rebooting Your Router

The technical issue of “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” is often fixed by rebooting your router. To do this just get out of all web pages on your computer and simply press the relevant buttons to allow your Century Link modem to reboot. Also, you must ensure that your CenturyLink modem is running or operating on the latest firmware.

Begin Using a WiFi Range Extender

The other alternative is to use a WiFi range extender to enhance the strength and coverage of your CenturyLink modem router. Just buy a compatible WiFi range extender and get it paired with your CenturyLink router to have an enriching experience as far as internet connectivity is considered.

Removing Devices that Cause Electromagnetic Interference in the Vicinity of Your Modem

If your CenturyLink router is placed near mobiles, iPads, or other devices that cause electromagnetic interference then you must remove such devices or must keep these away from your CenturyLink router.

If after trying these above methods you are not able to get your “CenturyLink modem blinking blue” issue resolved you must send your modem to the factory for a reset.

Why is my CenturyLink Modem Blinking Blue

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