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Why My D'Link Router Not Connecting to Printer??

I have been stuck while connecting my printer using D'Link as the password is creating an issue. I tried a number of times but could not deal with it. So please do suggest if you have any experience regarding it.

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Fix DLink Router Not Connecting to Printer:

There are many ways to connect the printer wirelessly , if you dont have password.you can try to recover the password by following easy steps: .

  • Access your router page in your browser.
  • Open a internet explorer browser on a the computer or Tablet . You need to be using a computer that is currently connected to the network.
  • Enter into the address bar. This is the default address for D-Link router .

Log in with your router default username and password.

Click Wireless Security, select WPA2 as the Wireless Security Mode value on dlink .

Enter a password in the Pre-Shared Key on computer screen .

Re-enter the password , then click apply changes .

  • Now The password has been changed ,now you can connected printer with dlink router.
  • you need to turn on the wireless printer and goto setting . 
  • under setting goto setup menu' .after setup menu go to Network .
  • Then , network Wireless setup wizard,it will search for the wireless routers in the range.
  • choose the wifi Network in the list.
  • Once to select the network, then put the password.
  • now printer will get connected to the Dlink Router
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