Airport Express is Not Recognized?

I have recently bought an Airport Express to play music via iTunes from my Mac. I have the Mac wifi open and it picks up great from the router (the Mac is also wired to the router as well) - the Airport Express is plugged into my stereo aux in the next room. I just want to be able to play music from the iTunes account on the Mac through the speakers on the stereo. When I first plugged it all in it found it and played fine however now it doesn't and the light on the AEx is flashing orange. Was it fluke it worked before? Do I need to actually plug it into the Mac to set something up properly first? Thanks in advance

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I found the same problem which my airport express status light is green but Airport Utility can not see it. Also I cannot print or stream any music.

However I followed Bob's instruction to turn off and on again. I works but then the same problem comes back again.

So I downloaded and installed the Airport utility 5.6 for OS X Lion. This works. Unlike Airport Utility v6.0 the version 5.6 can see the airport express (which cannot be seen by v.6).

However I still cannot print and stream music via my Mac Book Pro or my iPhone. Please let me know how to fix the airport express problem.

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Run the firmware update today and Express stopped working.

Finally found that settings on my Airport Extreme had been reset on the wireless tab where you check "Allow Network to be Extended".

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Airport Express is Not Recognized?

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