Can't Access My Asus RT-AC68u Routers

I have one main router which is a fibre-optic Huawei setup on Then I have two Asus routers, one acting as a wireless router and one as a node (both RT-AC68Us). The main Asus router has a WAN address of - issued by the Huawei and set up with a LAN address of The node is on I set this arrangement up a couple of years ago and now want to incorporate a VPN. The problem is I cannot access either Asus router. I have tried opening - that just times out and comes up as "Can't be reached" I can't remember anymore how I set it up the first time. I have the Asus Router mobile app but seems to only allow a limited number of things and I can't find a way to use it to get into the main setup area for the router. Can anyone put me straight? Many thanks. Richard

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How to Login to Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router?

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