How Do I Secure My Buffalo Router

Hello buddies! I am using Buffalo router from a long time and never experience any issue with it. Recently I shifted to a new house and here my Buffalo router is not working properly. I think somebody has hacked my Buffalo router. Can anybody guide me how to secure Buffalo router?

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Secure Buffalo Router:

Hye Erex, basic network security is not difficult to achieve and here I am describing you the easiest ways through which you can secure Buffalo router.

Secure Buffalo router-

Step 1 -Modify Network Name

If you are not sure that your network is protected and unwanted users can access your private information then first of all change the network name of your Buffalo AirStation router. It is recommended by experts to change the default SSID as soon as possible because by default SSID hackers can easily hack your router.

Step 2 – Use latest Encryption Protocol

Confirm that you are using latest encryption protocol for your Buffalo AirStation router. Nowadays, WPA2/AES encryption is available in newest routers. If possible, ignore TKIP, WEP and mixed mode. If you want to know more about latest encryption protocol then contact Buffalo Router Technical Support.

Step 3 – Apply a complex password

The best password is that contains the random sequence of characters/alphabets or special characters. To generate a complex password, you can also use “Random Password Generator”.

Step 4 – Disable WPS

All router comes with WPS button that is used for simplifying the connection but sometimes it also acts as a weak point because hackers can use this for access Buffalo router settings. Hence, turn off WPS button and connect all devices to your router manually. Although this is not complicated but will take some time.

Implement techniques with your Buffalo AirStation Router and keep your network safe from unauthorized access.

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