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How do i secure my buffalo router?

I have a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router and it is working perfectly. But the problem is my neighbours get to connect to my internet whenever I turn on Buffalo router. I have no clue how to change Buffalo router security settings which that no one can access my internet without my permission? Any ideas?



Let's see how to secure Buffalo router -

1. Modify SSID/Network name

Well, I suggest you please don’t use default SSID as anyone can guess it and hack your network. To change Buffalo router’s SSID follow this-

  • First of all power on your PC and Airstation and establish a connection.

  • After this, open your internet browser and type AirStation IP address in the address bar. Next, hit Enter and proceed to next step. In case, you don’t remember AirStation IP address then use AirStation Configuration tool.

  • Now, you are redirected to login wizard where you have to enter accurate default login credentials.

Username - admin

Password - password

  • After logging, tap on Wireless option.

  • Now, you have to enter a unique SSID for an 11ac network. Make sure your SSID does not match with any other device SSID. In last, just log out and close the browser.

2. Use an encryption method

After logging into AirStation setup wizard, go to Wireless section. After this, you have to choose Wireless Security. To choose an encryption mode, click on drop-down WPA/WEP. After choosing security method set the wireless encryption level to 128 bits. Now just log out from your router set wizard.

3.Use a strong password

Think twice before creating a password because the password should be unique and contains alphabets, numbers and special character. After creating the password, also note down on a piece of paper for future use.

4.Disable WPS

Turn off WPS and try to connect all devices on your own. WPS work as a weak point as it is used to gain access to the internet. To keep your network safe and secure, it is important to disable WPS.

If you have any doubts or query regarding this overall procedure then revert back. By applying all security settings, you can make your Buffalo router’s network safe and secure.For further info, contact Buffalo Router Technical Support Number.

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