How do I Set up My Orbi Router and Satellite?

Hello, Please tell me about how do i set up my Orbi router and satellite. I bought this Orbi router but don't know how to setup this orbi router. Give me any solution.

Setup Orbi Router and Satellite

If you want to learn how to set up my Orbi router and satellite, then these are the pointers to be followed.

Process to Setup Orbi Router:

Step 1 : Disconnect the modem and replace the battery in case you are using one.

Step 2 : Use an ethernet wire and connect the modem to your Orbi router’s internet port.

Step 3 : Plug the wire of your router to the wall outlet. In ase the power LED light of the router does not turn, then you need to press the power button.

Step 4 : Wait for the LED light of the router white in colour.

Step 5 : Next to set up my Orbi router and satellite, keep the Orbi satellite in the center of your house in order to obtain the maximum Wi-Fi coverage.

Step 6 : Connect the satellite to the wall outlet. In case the LED light at the back does not blink or turn on, then you need to turn on the power button.

Step 7 : Wait for the satellite’s ring light to change its color from solid white to pulse white. After a while, you will see it changing colour from pulse white to pulse magenta.

After the ring light changes its color to pulse magenta, see if it changes to any other colors given below and then gets turned off.

A) Blue light: If the color changes to solid blue, then everything is good as a connection has been established between the Orbi satellite and router.

B) Solid magenta: If the light turns solid magenta, then that means we are having a connection problem.Try moving the satellite close to the router.

C) solid amber: It means that Orbi satellite has a stable connection with the router. Try bringing the router and the satellite close to one another. If the light keeps on pulsing magenta in colour for the next one minute, press the sync button.

If the satellite syncs with the router, then the ring colour will turn white first and then when the connection is established, then it will turn solid blue on colour and then finally after that it will turn off.

  • Connect your computer system to the router or to the satellite either through a wireless or through a hard wired connection to set up my Orbi router and satellite.

Note: To link your wireless network, then look for the password and SSID name on your router and try connecting it to your mobile device and computer system.

  • Adhere the instructions on the screen for setting up the Orbi network. After that, LED light will turn off, then the setup will be completed successfully.


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How do I Set up My Orbi Router and Satellite

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