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How to Setup a TP Link Extender?

Hello, Please tell me about how to setup a tp link extender. I have bought this TP Link Extender, but don't know how to setup this extender.

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Setup a TP Link Extender:

Basically, TP-Link is a type of cheap and efficient network extender which helps in.

  • Enabling the wifi signal to reach to every room of the house;
  • Helps the wifi signal to penetrate thick walls of the homes, which generally act as a hindrance to the flow of signals;

The basic function of a network extender is reach the places in which the signal of the router WiFi cannot. These hardware devices are small in shape and have been in such a way that get easily connected to the router and can also be plugged into a wall socket. Due to their signal boosting properties, they are used for giving an extensive range to your network.

But to avail all these benefits of this wireless extender or network extender, a person shall be aware of the art of setting up the TP-Link extender, which can be quite tricky due to the complexities that a network creates.

But, before setting up the TP-Link, it is extremely important to have the knowledge of identifying the router IP address, the broadcast name of the WiFi or its SSID, the nature of encryption it uses, and the password required to log in to the network.

How to Identify the Router IP Address?

  • Enter the IP address of the router in your browser for the purpose of logging into it. Generally it is, but in some cases, it may vary.
  • After accessing the wireless aspect of the GUI of the router, enter the details such as SSID, the router IP address, password of the network, and encryption method.
  • Sometimes the router doesn't work with, this means that the router has been configured with a different IP address. Generally the Linksys functions by using the 10.XXX range. If its same with yours, then follow these instructions:
  1. Select Task Manager after opening the Windows Taskbar.
  2. After selecting the File, click on New Task and open Run in the form of Admin checkbox.
  3. Open command line box after typing CMD in the box.
  4. Enter ‘ipconfig /all’ into CMD .
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Your router IP address in the Default Gateway.

How to Set Up Your TP-Link Extender?

Step 1 : Establish a connection between the TP-Link extender and your computer using an Ethernet Cable.

Step 2 : After the connection is successfully established, you can configure the wireless setting by programming.

Step 3 : Establish a connection between your computer and TP-Link extender after plugging the TP-Link extender in a wall plugin. For this, use an Ethernet cable.

Step 4 : Type http://tplinkrepeater.net into the address box of Google Chrome.

Step 5 : In case there is no result, enter try and you will see a TP-Link web page.

Step 6 : Select your region after selecting Quick Setup.

Step 7 : Now after your TP-Link extender has scanned for the wireless networks around you, select the desired wireless network proceed ahead by clicking on Next.

Step 8 : After the prompt, type in the wireless password.

Step 9 : If you want a wider wireless network, select ‘Copy from main router’, You can also create an altogether different network by using the option of ‘Customize’.

Step 10 : After inspecting the network settings, click on Finish.

Step 11 : When the TP-Link extender has finished with the process of rebooting, you will gain access to the internet.

Step 12 : But, it is highly important to test the connection using the Ethernet cable,

Step 13 : If the connection to the network has been successfully established, then the TP-Link model will show a light on the front.

How to Configure TP-Link Extender Using WPS Button?

  • If your router comprise of a WPS button, you can utilize that to set everything up too. WPS is WiFi Protected Setup which enables you to configure networks automatically, with precision and accuracy. The physical button will be present on the back of a router, named as WPS.
  • Some TP-Link extenders also comprise of WPS buttons so that you can use it to configure it up.
  • Connect the TP-Link extender into a power outlet.
  • Press the WPS button on the back of the router and you shall visualize a WPS LED blink. If not, press it again.
  • Do the same with the WPS button on the TP-Link extender. The WPS light should appear here too.
  • With WPS, you don’t need to manually configure the settings on your TP-Link extender. By pressing the WPS button, you instruct the router that you’re enabling it to connect with a device that has also had WiFi Protected Setup enabled.
  • If it doesn’t identify the wireless network, then you need to configure it manually.
  • After adhering to the the basic procedure for setting up your TP-Link extender, you will gain access to a fast connection.
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