How to Turn Your Android Into a Router?

Mostly these android devices such as tabs phones which have generally 3G 4G network access that have 3G network devices. Although you can accrue all data charges. However users can seek an advantage especially the data connections which will let you know to checking about emails browsing all the web and doing social networking apps.

Thus Learn Below Steps and Make Your Android Into a Router by Taking in Few Minutes. Instructions for How to Turn Your Android into a Router:

Step-1: In the Android device Select the home screen. Mostly android devices has a facility as the home button or including a home picture in the shape of a hut. By using an end call key you can get the home screen by pressing it.

Step-2: Now it requires to open the apps screen by selecting the apps icon. This is located at the bottom of the screen. Also you may guess because it shows like a four square dotted in it. This allows all apps or change android settings avails in each device including this.

Step-3: Now you need to choose the setting option. If found any trouble for how to turn your android into a router then contact router technical support services avails all the time.

Step-4: Now choose the wireless & networks and then this requires as portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

Step-5: Now choose to configure the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step-6: Now enter the router's SSID new channel name by using any easy name which comforts you.

Step-7: Then select the security type. Also you may keep the networks open access by selecting one or as none. But remember one thing you can able to log into the network and that founds some serious problem of security. Also this WPA2 is the strongest security type and is the first user's choice that forced a newly strong password strength up to 8 characters.

Step-8: After this save it.

Learn How to Activate the Wireless Network

Step-1: Under the home screen select the menu option.

Step-2: Then this requires again to choose the apps icon and make changes in the setting option.

Step-3: Now select the Tethering & portable hotspot and after this it requires to select the portable Wi-Fi hotspot option. Then this will put the check into a box which is just next to that option and thus device starts the broadcasting your wireless network within a moment.