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I am Unable to Connect My TP Link Router?

I am using TP-Link TL- WR740N wireless router.It has RJ-415 Ports and ACT fibernet connection.It was compatible with GTPL broadband. But recently I switched to BSNL broadband.But the problem is that my Tp Link router is not connecting with Internet.I have also tried to connect this router with LAN port with modem for accessing Wi-Fi signal.But still I am unable to connect BSNL(RJ -11 Line). Any one give me some suggestion for this?

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Fix TP-Link TL-WR740N Wireless Router Connectivity Problems:-

A Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the network name being broadcasted by your TP-Link wireless router. This is where your computer or wireless device connects to become part of your wireless network.

The SSID can be customized not only to make it easy for you to identify the name of your network but for security reasons as well. It is also can be known as Wireless Network Name.

Go through these steps that we described how to connect a TP-Link TL-WR740N Wireless Router,

Step 1 :

a) Check whether the laptop has a Wi-Fi button, make sure the Wi-Fi of a TP_link router.

b) Restart your tp-link router.

c) Now try a different laptop to see whether it has the same problem.

d) If the Problem is caused by your laptop or a router device.

Step 2:

1. Restart the router.

2. Make sure that the WLAN light is on or flashing, check the settings whether the SSID is broadcasted or hide.

3. Here takes SSID of 2.4GHz as demostration.

4. Let us change the Wireless Network Name and Channel, save and reboot. (Channel 1 or 6 or 11 should be the best)

5. Try to change different security type to see whether you meet the same problem.

Step 3: Remove the wireless profile on the laptop.

Step 4: Put in your password. If you are not sure, please login the management page to double check.

I can find other networks, cannot find my wireless network:

If you can see other wireless networks in the available list but cannot find yours, please use the step below to check for issues:

1) Check the WLAN LED indicator on your wireless router/modem, and make sure it is on or flashing. Check Wi-Fi On/Off button?make sure Wi-Fi is enabled.

2) Make sure your computer/device is still in the range of your router/modem, try moving closer if you are currently too far away.

3) Check the wireless router settings, double check your Wireless Name, and make sure the Region/Country is selected correctly and wireless is set to broadcast.

Please contact your router’s support for help if you are not sure how to check router’s settings. Just need to remember this that different countries have different laws router wireless channels. For example, the USA allows 2.4GHz channel from 1 to 11,while UK allows from 1 to 13.

If you select the Region as UK or the Channel as 12/13 while you are in USA, your computer might not be able to pick up the signal. For more information, go through such solutions that will make troubled free & will not suffer your work.

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