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My Tenda Wireless AP/Router is Not Working?

Hello, I am trying to set up a Tenda 150mbps wireless Ap/Router. Im trying to set it up to use it as a range extender. I followed all the directions. I put it in wisp mode. It doesnt seem to be communicating with my Tenda wireless router. It only is showing up as its own connection. so I cant even get on the internet. Please Help me I have been working on this for 10 Hours. I havent got anywhere.

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Tenda Router Sys Light Blinking

For connecting your Tenda Wireless AP router to the internet, follow these troubleshooting steps:-

  • Take an Ethernet cable to connect your modem with the blue WAN port of the router. Then take another Ethernet cable to connect your computer with one of the yellow LAN port of the router. Also, check the LED lights on the Tenda router after connection and make sure SYS light is blinking. See WLAN light, LAN ports (12,3,4) is on.
  • Open your web browser  (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc), find the address bar, leave it blank. Type Tenda Wireless AP router's IP address in the address bar and press the Enter button. Then you can see the following page, input the default username, and password:  admin, then click ok.
  •  You can see Welcome to Setup Wizard. Click on Next on this page, and then choose your Internet Type, fill your information, then Apply. To check status, , click on "System status" that is present on the left side. 
  • If connection status shows disconnected, please check if the modem is well connected to the Tenda router by cable. If your router is not working then disconnect all devices and make a fresh connection.
  • Navigate to WLAN Settings and click Basic Settings to set the name of your wireless network. Also, modify the SSID to tenda123 (the name of wireless network) and choose channel 6.
  • After this click "Apply" to save the settings.  Now click on WLAN Settings> Security Settings to set the password. Please choose WPA-Personal as Security Mode and AES as WPA Algorithms. In the blank of the Pass Phrase, type your password which should be at least eight characters. Now click on Apply button to save the changes.
  •  Now find the name of your wireless network (SSID ) and connect to it. It will require you to input password, enter the password (It is the passphrase which was made by yourself just now). After that, you can enjoy the internet with your wireless Tenda router.

Tenda router sys light blinking , sys light blinking on Tenda router

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