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Hello, have an Airport Express and I have been using it for around 6 months. I connected my old Stereo amp via airplay and it worked perfectly fine for the 6 month period. I recently bought a new Airport Express but even though the Amber light is blinking nothing else happens and my airplay cannot see or detect it? Can anyone tell me what the issue is?

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It can be pretty frustrating when the airport utility cannot find the airport express. This happens when the utility is open and plugged in, and Airport Express is set to join a wireless network that is not yours.

You can troubleshoot the issue in several different ways, like checking the wifi status menu, performing either a soft or hard reset, turning off the security software on the computer, unplugging the airport extreme for a few seconds, and replugging it.

Sometimes, a simple reset can refresh the system and solve a lot of errors.

Check these Instructions if Airport Utility is not Recognizing Airport Express

1) Perform a Hard Reset

First of all, unplug your Airport Extreme. Now take a sharp object like the paperclip and insert it into Apple router’s reset hole that is located on the backside. While pressing the reset button, plug Airport Extreme back to the power supply. You have to press the Reset button until LED light (status) starts flashing rapidly & after this release the Reset button.

2) Check Access Privileges

If you have enabled encryption on your network then first thing is that you have to verify if you have set up Airport properly or not. To confirm if you are using the correct password and settings, you can refer manual that came with your router. If you have secured your network via access control then confirm that Mac address is registered with the network administrator.

3) Perform a Power Cycle

Power down your modem first and then Airport Express and then your system. Wait for some time approx 15-20 minutes. After this, power on your modem first & then Airport and then your system.

4) Check Wireless Settings

Make sure WiFi connection is turned on and you have entered the correct password.

5) Check if the Network Card is Broken

If your Airport utility can't find airport express then it might be possible that you are using a bad network card. So, I will suggest you to replace the network card along-with logicboard.

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