Arris Modem/Router no Valid IP Configuration?

Hey, I recentlt bought an Ariis router for my home needs. I use a Comcast internet connection as service provider. When I sat down to configure my Arris router, the IP address part seems to have issues. I googled my IP and DNS but when I put them in their respective place nothing happened. I mean the Router could not connect to internet and asked me to look into my WAN settings. Can anyone tell me what the issue is? I use a Windows 7 PC.

Arris Router No Valid IP Configuration -

Manually configure Arris router in this way -

Initial setup -

  1. Take a coaxial cable for inserting into the “cable in ” port that is located on the sidewall as this is that place where signal enter into your home.
  2.  Now you have to insert another end of the coaxial cable into Arris router’s cable port.
  3. Then take an ethernet cable and plug into Arris router’s “OUT” port. Then you have to insert another end of the ethernet cable into your computer’s “WAN” port.
  4. Power on both devices i.e., Arris modem and your PC.
  5. When both devices are powered on, you will see the green light is appearing.

Arris setup -

  1.  Check the bottom side of Arris router as there will be an IP address, this is the configuration address for the router.
  2. Open an internet browser and type that IP address into the address bar and then hit Enter.
  3.  Now Arris router’s configuration page will load on your computer’s screen.
  4. In the username and password field box, you have to enter login credentials. Although you can enter “admin” in both of the fields as this is the default settings.
  5. If you want to change Arris router’s password then move to “Default Password” section that is located under the default settings.
  6. Once Arris router is completely configured, save the entire settings by clicking on Save button.
  7. Close internet browser and relaunch it after few moments.
  8. Once browser opens again, the internet will load and you are all set to surf the internet.
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Arris Modem/Router no Valid IP Configuration

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