Arris TG3452 Rebooting Every Few Minutes

Hi there! My Arris TG3452 Modem has been resetting/rebooting for the past couple of days and I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to fix this. Sometimes it will last a little while, more than 30 minutes, but most of the time it resets every 5-10 minutes. I have tried so many things to figure out the cause of this. Unplugging everything to replug it in a short while later. Plugging it into a different outlet. Checking the cable cords and tightening them. Resetting the modem. Everything. I also have a ASUS wifi router that connects with it, but I am not sure if that could be a problem also. I have reset my ASUS router as well. I am not able to have a tech to look at it until Monday as my ISP is a small town business. If anyone could give me any advice or fixes, please let me know.
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  •  Mark
  •   August 12, 2023