Bought a New Belkin Router But It Wont Work?

So bought a new belkin N150 router hooked it up and first off the install disk they gave me doesn't work on my desk top i guess because its not got a wireless card i don't know but anyways it started working but now it has stopped and the light was blue on the router now its red, any help? I am trying to get wireless for my Xbox not the computer.

Follow these basic steps first before we jump into any troubleshooting steps –

1) Restart the Modem then after 20 sec restarts the Belkin wireless router. (don’t be confused when we say restart we just have to unplug the power and wait for 10 seconds and plug it back of a Belkin router device.
2) Sometimes it’s your firewall that blocks the internet connection. Please check and update the antivirus.
3) Make sure time and date are correct on the computer.
4) Go to the device manager and update you LAN and wireless Adaptor.

Firstly restart your router device.

1) Firstly get to unplug its power cable from a modem and a Belkin router device.
2) Then need to wait for approx 30 seconds.
Plug the power cable back to your modem first, and then into your router.
Wait for the router and modem lights to light up, and then try to connect to the Internet. then restart your computer.
4) Then up-to-date, the router firmware.
a) Go to Device Manager by right-clicking on My Computer.
b) Go to Properties.
c) then give a one click on Device Manager.
d) Right click and update your network/ WiFi driver.
e) If update is not working then UN-install and re-install the driver.

Try to clean your computer and also update your router firmware and make it to clean your devices.

Bought a New Belkin Router But It Wont Work

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