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Connecting My Belkin Wireless Router to a MAC?

I am trying to connect my new Belkin wireless router to a mac, but when I type in the password it won't let me click on the "join" icon. My laptop is an older PC with an external wireless card and I had to download new software to get WPA2 security, and I can connect fine with my laptop, but when my friend tries to connect with his macbook it won't let him "join." Same thing with my iPod Touch.

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Connect Belkin Wireless Router to MAC:

Hello Kevin

It's quite possible the older mac hardware doesn't support WPA2 and that they also need an update to their software and drivers (If available)

If your PC is connecting, then there is nothing wrong with your router. You could try changing the encryption on the router to WPA instead of WPA2 and see if the mac devices support that.

WPA is not a huge security risk over WPA2, neither have known working exploits, WPA2 just goes a step further to address some *possible* problems with WPA, but again, nothing that has actually been exploited.

Barring that, try setting your router to WEP encryption (only temporarily) and see if they can connect. If they can, then it is definitely an issue with the mac's implementation of WPA. Do NOT leave your router in WEP mode, it can be hacked in a matter of minutes by anyone with the desire to do so.

You might also want to see if there are any firmware updates available for your router which might possibly address any incompatibilities with the mac implementation of WPA.

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Connect Belkin Wireless Router to MAC:

To setup Belkin router using mac computer just restart the Mac and let the system be refresh for the new wireless network. Look on the wireless list and you can see new unsecured Belkin Wireless Network.

Please connect with it. Now open the browser and type in URL as its the default gateway of Belkin wireless router. Now you will be able to see your setup page of Belkin router.

You can detect the connection very easily and configure the Belkin wireless router. Please, setup new SSID (Network Name ) And Password (Network Password ).

After making necessary changes just click on Save button and wait for 1 min. Now reboot your Belkin router and computer. Now you can connect with your Belkin network and use the internet.

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